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Jeongan Bamtori Village
Jeongan Chestnut

Jeongan Chestnut is proud of the best taste and quality in Korea. Jeongan, 18 km north of Gongju-si, 24 km south of Cheonan-si, produces chestnuts in its field of about 910 ha.
This area composed of sandy loam has a large gap of temperature because of its geographical location at the foot of the Charyeong Mountain range. Main breeds produced in the region are Samjosaeng, Eungi, Chukpa and Okgwang, which have much sugar since they are collected when fell from the trees on their own, and a high preservability because of their hard flesh so they could be provided to consumers all year around. In addition, consumers show a strong taste for the chestnut produced in this region due to its superb taste and quality.
Jeongan chestnuts are sorted into 5 levels by an automatic system.
They are transported by refrigerator cars to the market after cooling treatment.
They come out in the market by 1 kg of vinyl package (barcode attached), and 4 to 8 kg and 20 kg of corrugated cardboard boxes.

Chestnut-raising place is located around Charyeong Mountain Ridge, which has weather condition and soil fit to cultivate chestnut trees.
Have a high percentage of sugar with a good taste.
Have a higher perservability than those produced in other regions.
Have a high productivity since Cheongan has a long history of chestnut cultivation and a superior technology to other regions.
Have a good taste and preservability because farmers reap chestnuts falling down to the ground, not forcibly.
Have a good taste because breeding technology developed earlier in this region and a stronger competitive edge than those produced in other regions because they developed new breeds and produce them.

Chestnuts win popularity as tonic food among people since they contain dextrose, protein, and vitamin A, B1 and B2 with a rich inorganic substance. In addition, it is reported that they have much vitamin B1, which has a better ability to dissolve dextrin or sugar than other foods, and very effective especially in the skin beauty culture for women, in recovering from fatigue, and in preventing cold.

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