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Ga Pyeong Pine-nut

The sweet pine-nuts containing the nature of the purest region of the province are collected from pine cone trees of pine family and called Baekja or Songja in Chinese writing. As evergreen tall trees, they naturally grow in mountains and grow up to 30~50m.
The fruit blossoms are pineapple-shaped and have hundreds of pine-nuts in the cracks. Dry the blossom and strike them to get gem-like shiny pine-nuts.
Also, pine cone trees are the symbol of the evergreens of Ga Pyeong’s nature and the emblem of integrity. It was appointed the tree of Gapyeong County in 1972. Currently, Ga Pyeong produces more than 40% of Korea’s pine-nuts and their pine-nuts are known for the best quality and tradition. Also, Ga Pyeong County holds Ga Pyeong Miss Pine-Nut Contest during Ga Pyeong Citizens’ Day festival to select a public relations agent who introduces Ga Pyeong and Ga Pyeong’s pine-nuts nationwide.
The characteristic of the pine-nuts is that they are tolerant trees when young but become sun trees as they grow to bear fruits from their 15th year to 40th year.
Customs related to pine-nuts include Pine-nut Fire, in which we thread 12 good pine-nuts before the 15th day of lunar January to appoint each of them to each month of the year and fire them to read the fortune of the year. Also, another custom says that drinking pine-nut wine a year after destroys your bad luck.
Pine-nut has been used as favorite food since long time ago. It was added to snacks, rice punch or fruit punch to add taste and good appearance. It was also grinded for gruel with rice to serve the elders, feed the infants and strengthen the patients. Pine-nut gruel is the best traditional natural food of Korea.
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