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[ Melon ]
Melons cultivated in the ultramodern floriculture facilities of Youngam Dopo Gardening Village grow in the nutritious yellow soil of Youngam, and thus have excellent taste and quality. As they are pro...
[Korean melon]
Jangsan Dream Village is a mountainous village in Gyeongbuk. It has the beautiful Mt. Gaya (1,433m) to the west and the Nakdong River to the east. The river makes its fields fertile.
[Korean Melons]
Boseok Korean melons are a specialty of Iksan and Duyeo-ri uses honeybees for natural pollination. Geumgok, Wondu, Jingi, and Yeosan (Sueun) producers’ associations produce about 20 tons of Korean me...
[Golden melon]
For special products, there are Shiitake mushrooms, melons, sweet potato, and potato and cucumbers, zucchinis, egg plants, hot peppers, peanuts, and corns are grown organically and used for farm exper...
[eoryang melons]
Eoryang Village distinguishes their specialties through various and unique cultivation processes. They produce great amount of various products including strawberries, melons, lettuces, watermelons a...
[Baekhak Melons]
Baekhak Melons were widely introduced by the visitors or tourists of Baekhak and naturally became a specialty of Yeoncheon. Today, all parts of Nogok-ri of Baekhak-myeon cultivate melons.
[Yeoju Golden Melon]
Yeoju Golden Melon has been settled as the specialty of our village since 1990’s and gained great reputation with the recognition of nation’s best value and quality. The look-out for the melon field ...
[Japanese radish]
Japanese radish is an annual gourd-type plant and is known as a variety of Korean melon. It was transmitted to Korea from China and to Japan through Korea, but was disappeared in China and Korea. Du...
[Chilsan Gold Value Melons]
Chilsan Gold Value Melons obtained QC certification mark in 1995 for the first time in Korea. The high-quality with the highest sugar level and the longer circulation period make it suitable for E-bu...
[Neungju Melons]
Melons are one of the leading fruits that contributed to increasing the profits of the farm households when they started to avoid the farming centered by rice-cropping in late 1970's. They are cultiv...
[Dongan Honeybee-melon]
Instead of using ChakgwaJe to pollinate, it has aspects that it is pollinated naturally by putting the a wooden beehive (one per 660m²) in Vinyl House, it saves chemical expenses and human power as we...
[38seon Village melons]
Popular melon from 38th parallel line by a word of mouth The melon that sweets like honey and juicy The melon of 38seon village grows in clean environment by the effort of the farmers. Those who ...
[Oriental melon ]
The Oriental melon produced in Hampyeong in the blue belt area is cultivated in rich loess; thus, it contains abundant germanium. Its sarcocarp is firm and crispy with sweet fragrance.
[Andong melons]
Andong melons have a unique flavor, a lot of sugar and an excellent texture. Because they are rich in Vitamins A and C as well as calcium, it is good for urination and skin beauty. Especially, Andong ...
[Seongju Dohung Melon]
Ecofriendly elements, such as cow manure, chicken dung, chaff, bark, sesame dregs, rice bran, animal blood and bone fertilizer and crab shells (chitosan included), are fermented and used as compost. I...
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