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Sannae grape Village

Sannae is a suitable mountainous area for cultivating grape as called as Borneado of Korea. Saccharinity is high for sever daily temperature gab and it is a trading center for grape production as sand is drained well. It produces Cambel and Delaware. Although large amount of grape is not produced because it is mountain area, its quality is very famous from the aspect of technology due to effort of farmer and authority. Its quality is maintained until now on
It received golden prize from 1998 Competitive Show and was spotlighted as one of the three greatest main grape production district.

Kinds of Grape

- Delaware
The Delaware grape is a type that was developed in Delaware Ohio, America in 1955. It is a clear red grape. It's cluster and fruit is small but it's sugar content is high. It is a precious varity. It is a seedless grape,it is not sour and has high sugar levels, as much as 19 degrees. It's maturing period is from the end of August to early September. It's clusters are small each weighs about 2g.

- Cambeoleori
It is cultivated in Mueori town , Ohio, America in 1992 but It was the main species produced  long ago in korea . It is also known as 'black grape'. It is produced in summer.
Grape juice is made of this varity  because the color is clear, and the sugar content is high so it is a valuable product.
It is relatively resitant to blight and harmful insects. Its sugear content is 14 degree and has medium fruit size, It matures toward the end of August. Color of this grape is black and its weight is 6g.

- Black Olympia
It is cultivated through interbreeding Geobong with Geogyeong by Japanese Swanobori in 1955. It was introduced by Gardening Research Center in 1983. It matures early in September. It is very popular with consumers., It's color is dark scarlet and its sugar content is 18 degrees. It produces large amounts of fruit. It is producs a seedless grape using Jaberelin  and it's weight is 13g.

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