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[ Grape ]
[Yemil Grape Market]
As the land on th mountain, Youngwol area has the best conditions for harvesting grapes. The grapes are produced without using agricultural chemicals (instead use rainproof house, tunnel harvest and w...
This village has the gifted conditions including rich soil with appropriate volume of yellow earth, long duration of sunshine, location, to produce the best quality graph based
Grapes of Grape-Scent Village are produced in the sub-alpine region of basin-type village 250~300m aboveground. They are produced through environment-friendly cultivation by 100% rainproof floricultur...
[Sahyun Grapes ]
Nampo Sahyun Grapes are one of Boryeong’s eight greatest tastes known for quality and sweetness!!Sahyun Grape Village has the best soil of pebbles and yellow earth, sea breeze, and rainfall to cultiva...
[The Superiority of Bangye Grapes]
Sangju Modong Bangye Grapes are grown in the semi-highlands that are 150 ~ 240m above sea level and are cultivated environmentally-friendly and naturally.
Our village is located beneath Chupungryeong of Sobaek Mountain Range and has high diurnal temperature difference. Therefore, our grapes are brightly colorful and have good flavors and sweetness.
[Farm Produce]
* Strawberries Geumji strawberries that are cultivated in fertile soils of Geumji Plain have bright colors and firm fruits with high sweetness and are highly recognized both in Korea and throughout t...
[Bangok Grapes]
The soils of Daeryong-ri Village are high in Germanium and therefore, the grapes grown here are highly storable and sweet.
[Introducing Grapes]
Mt. Bohyeon Grapes of Hwanamw are very widely recognized for their unmatched qualities. During the harvest season between August and October, the distributors from nationwide gather and purchase the ...
[Sootgol village grapes]
Sootgol Village grapes Based on the high quality soil, good humidity, clean ground water, and rich
Under the oceanic climate of the west coast, the grapes are grown in Hwaseong, which is known as a good place for grape farming. The high quality viscosity soils with rich organic substances
[High quality grape]
With the oceanic climate, which is good for growing grapes, rich sunshine, and rich organic yellow clay soils, the grapes from this region have big kernels and a high sweetness and, moreover,
[ipjang geobong village]
grape.jpgIpjang Geobong Grapes have abundant mineral content along with vitamins, calcium, potassium and iron to enhance the metabolism and blood circulation and to help indigestion and fatigue. 2,089...
[Haman Chilbuk Fruitful Village]
Our village produces Geobong, Campbell, Mascotberry A (Wild Berry) and Neomascot (Table Grape). We mostly use fertilizers, herbal liquids and less chemical to do our best to produce grapes that are s...
[yeongju sobaeksan dansan grape village]
[Hoelyongpo Village]
Geobong means “huge summit.” It means that Geobong Grapes are so tasty and grandeur that they are compared to huge summits. Following the name of Geobong, we produce the grapes with the big hearts ...
[hsjurassic village]
Songsan-myeon, with the fresh air and pure water of Yellow Sea’s Daebu Island and Jebu Island, is filled with grape farms everywhere. Songsan is composed of 37 shore-side villages. As it is by the s...
[Ansan daebudo ]
90% of the village farmers engage in producing Daebu Grapes. It is Daebu Island’s major agricultural product produced up to 10,660tons a year. Produced in heavenly environment, such as the heat and ...
[paju wild grapes village ]
Wild grapes, appointed the traditional food of Paju by Agricultural Services in 1995, had been a common kind of grapes, but became a rare traditional food due to environmental pollution. Wild Grapes...
[nari village]
Mascot-Berry A cultivated in the clean region of upstream Gobok Reservoir of Seo-myeon is used to produce red wine of Korea and is characterized by soft fruits and strong scent.
[Duryun Smurf village]
Ganghwa grapes that pride strong taste and scent are grown in the oceanic winds to develop dense tissues and to be maintained fresh through transportation and storage.
Grapes of Anseong originated from the grape seedling that a French Catholic Father, Combert, had brought from France in 1901 (18th year of the reign of Chosun King Gojong) to plant in the front yard o...
[Jangseong Hwangyong Village]
Hwangyong Village is Jangseong’s leading grape producer that induced the fruit-growing techniques from Japan to continue long tradition and reputation. As the region is characterized by huge diurnal ...
[Neowa Village]
Because of the climate of Neowa having cool characteristic of high land, the harvest time is later than other grape-producing districts. Grape, one of alkaline food as most fruits, has plentiful of ca...
[Hwangto Village]
Grapes may be considered as a natural health food because functional phenols, various vitamins, organic acid and inorganic substances healthful to the body like potassium, magnesium, calcium, and iron...
[38seon Village]
The bottle grapes are organic fruits which grow in the good and clean glass jar. When they grow big enough to put into the jar, instead, the bunch of the grapes is covered by the piece of paper. The...
[Moheung Hwangto Village]
It grows in the sandy loam which has good water and fertilizer retention. The large temperature fluctuation between day and night as a continental climate and the abundant sunshine make its sweet and ...
[Eunjagol Village]
Sangju Grape has high sugar content, tastes good. The perfume is sweet and fresh. It is produced in high mountains. Sugar content, acid, pectin of grape are abundant, therefore it is very good for fat...
[Seodu Village]
The Nakpyong village community of Nakpyong-ri in Bongdong-eup and the Bupyong village community of Yongjin-myeon produce Geobong grapes (giant grapes) in a vinyl greenhouse. This grape is popular ...
[Yanggak plum Village]
Kimcheon produces sweet grape for germanium in soil and is the first to produce grape in the country every year. Kimcheon is capable of producing high quality of grape on pure soil created by Jikji st...
[Sannae grape Village]
Sannae is a suitable mountainous area for cultivating grape as called as Borneado of Korea. Saccharinity is high for sever daily temperature gab and it is a trading center for grape production as sand...
[Namhansanseong Village]
It is not widely informed that inside the Namhansanseong, the grapes are cultivated. Namhansanseong is surrounded by mountains and located higher than level land with the small degree of rainfall bein...
[Jebumose Village]
Grape grows a lot in Songsan(Sagang), Seoshin, Deabu, etc and also has been raised recently in Jebudo. Grape when exposed by sea breeze contains plenty of sugar and tastes good, and it is said to have...
[Nakjo Village]
Gangwha has longer duration of sunshine and higher temperature of 10℃ in July and August when the fruits ripen, so can keep the sweet taste of fruits. Besides Gangwha has no factories, preserving clea...
[Moodeungsan watermelon Village]
It is not certain when grapes were first cultivated, but it is presumed that grapes were delivered from Song to Koryeo and cultivated. There are Choseon white wares where grape pictures are drawn; sev...
[Saseonnyeo Village]
Grapes, which has a high level of sugar and is good for recovery from fatique! Imsil grape, which has a sweet taste which is soaked into with the type of powder like frost.
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