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Cheongsong Apples

Characteristics of Cheongsong Apples
Located in the inlands of Gyeongbuk, Cheongsong is a pollution-free region with the purest air and cleanest waters in Korea. The average yearly temperature of 12.6℃ is proper for apple cultivation and the diurnal difference of temperatures of 13.8℃ is very advantageous for producing dense flesh, bright colors and increased sweetness. As the region is a low-rain region of the upstream of Nakdong River, the sunlight from Apr to Nov shines for 1,520 hours. Abundant sunlight is the heavenly natural condition that produces brightly colored apples.
The apple cultivation area Cheongsong is about 1,800ha being 5th biggest producer in Korea and apple cultivation is the No. 1 product of Cheongsong taking 30% of the total profit of Cheongsong. The cultivation area per household is averaged to be 0.8ha exceeding the national average of 0.5ha.
To promote the quality, organic fertilizers are used instead of chemicals to promote the original taste and colors of the apples. To beautify the shape of the fruits and to increase the reproduction rate, the orchard introduced Osmia cornifrons that transmit the pollen for the first time in Korea. Recently, they applied Integrated Pest Management (I.P.M) System for environmentally-friendly cultivation as the importance of low-chemical farm products and environmentally-friendly cultivation is realized.

It avoids the old method of chemical sprinkling, but applies predicted timely sprinkling; and utilizes the predators and joint sprinkling instead of simple insecticide-sprinkling to reduce the times of chemical sprinkling. Compared to the old method, the sprinkling is reduced by 4~5 times to produce safety farm products for the consumers. Also, sod-culture avoids the insecticide-sprinkling within the orchard to prevent soil pollution, to improve the physical chemistry of the soil and to return the environment of the orchard to the natural state.
Moreover, the integrated cultivation system is experimentally introduced to integrate the production of seedlings, formation of stable soils, accurate management of soils, integrated pest control and efficient management of trees, aiming for the low-cost and high-efficient production of fruits.

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