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Apple Pear

* Apple
Surokgol Village’s fruits use less chemicals: we use less than half the recommended amount of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.  We do not use any herbicides.
Also, we use fermented natural and organic fertilizers for fruits to grow in strong, healthy soils.  The residual chemical content is less than 1/2 of the allowance.  Surokgol Village’s fresh apple has pretty colors and soft texture, while containing the right combination of sour and sweet taste.
During cultivation, we execute appropriate fertilizing actions, general management of harmful insects and vermin (IPM), and manual pollination to produce even shapes and sizes of quality fruits with less chemical.
After harvesting, we use low-temperature depots to maintain freshness and taste and carefully select the best product for packaging.

* Pear
Gimje’s pear is widely known throughout Korea for its high quality: it is firm, juicy, sweet, and colorfulAs the only plain in Korea wide enough to show the horizon, Gimje is a well-known rice producer in Korea with the most abundant sunlight and fertile soils. In its heavenly natural conditions, we use various organic liquid and solid fertilizers while minimizing the amount of chemicals to produce safe and tasty pears.
Our pear received Environmentally-friendly Farm Produce Certificate from the National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service and is open to the public through Farm Produce Production Record SystemOur pear is soft, juicy, sweet, and superior in the overall quality and is very popular among consumers.

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