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Geochang Apple

Ganam Village Apple is

-         Grown in best land for apple with clean water and air.

-         Grown under the environment of big daily temperature difference, which gives apple good color and high sweetness.

-         Cultivated in sandy soil and it’s very juicy.

-         By organic method, it is very sweet and has good scent.


Nutrition of Apple

-         Apple is composed of many nutriments and minerals such as glucose, fruit sugar, cane sugar, malic acid, citric acid, phosphoric acid, Vitamins A1, B1, B2, C and many more.

-         If you drink a cup of apple juice before you go to bed, your next morning is fresh.


Special Characteristics of Apple

- When time pass after the apple is peeled, you see the color change and it doesn’t look good. This means that the oxidation reaction has taken place. When food is met with air, it gets oxidized due to oxygen in the air. This reaction occurs even faster when an enzyme that facilitates the oxidation is alive. To prevent this, you can do so by spraying water with lemon juice, vinegar or Vitamin C is diluted in it.

- APPLE DIET: Strategy of speedy diet by eating only one kind of fruit. It is easy to do because you can eat any kind of seasonal fruits such as grape, apple, bananas and etc.

Good thing about it is that you feel like you are full even though you’ve not eaten much and the situation being so, you get to eat fruits with great taste.
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