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Seobyeon Village
Geochang Apple

Character of Geochang Apple
When considering face, it reminds of apple, Geochang Apple Festival opening in November of each year plays a major role for making this area known as an apple village. Geochang, surrounded by mountains in all directions is unpolluted and having severe difference of daily temperature is suitable for cultivation of apples. Geochang apples have good color, high degree of sweetness and are cultivated in sandy land so it is famous for hard juicy flesh. Apples totalling 260,000 tons are exported internationally and earn 30,000,000,000 won a year. They used the words 'cold dew' to designate Geochang apples as a brand to emphasize freshness and clean morning of farmland. This phrase is popular with consumers due to publicity and the outstanding image of Geochang apples associated with simple and clean form.
Geochang Nonghyup Association developed in last year and 800 farmhouses are associated with it.
It is the best place for cultivating apples because it is an unpolluted mountainous area having clean water.
Geochang apples:
- have good color and sweetness because of the severe difference in daily temperature.
- have hard juicy flesh because they are cultivated in sandy land.
- have sweet and excellent flavor because of organic material used in farming.
- are exported all over the world.

Various Effects of Apples
① Action to protect heart
apples keep circulation system healthy.

② Action to reinforce cholesterol in blood

Recently, French researchers found that degree of cholesterol in blood is lowered by eating apples. The cause is known to be pectin. It was said that it interacts with vitamin C and gets rid of cholesterol in the blood effectively. Because potassium (K) is discharged to outside of body while salt remains in the body, it is helpful for healing high blood pressure. Apple lowers blood pressure and degree of cholesterol in blood so it helps prevent arteriosclerosis.

③ Action to reinforce glycemic index
It is known that it is effective for diabetes. Specifically, it is effective for preventing rapid increase of blood sugar. It prevents glycemic index (the index of degree of increase of blood sugar after eating food) from increasing rapidly.

④ Action to improve weight control
Because it gives feeling of satiation, it is known as a diet food. Apple juice is even better than the apple itself.

⑤ Action to heal viral cold
virus cannot survive in the presence of apple juice. There was an experiment on the target of apple juice sold in Canada. Apple showed powerful effect protecting Poliovirus from being activated in test tube. Grape juice and tea showed similar effects to apple. Those three killed Poliovirus perfectly.

⑥ Anticancer action
It can prevent cancer because apple contains catechin and chlorogenic acid preventing cancer.

⑦ Urination
Effect of urination is 2~3 times of glucose.

⑧ Prevention of constipation

Because apple contains a lot of Pectin and it is edible so it is hardened as the shape of vegetable gelatin and discharged to outside of body without being digested when it meets water. It also keeps intestines healthy through helping propagation of profitable bacteria such as lactobacillus. For this reason, it is said that apple is effective for constipation or diarrhea. Because this pectin is contained in skin rather than flesh, it is more effective to eat with skin. If you eat before sleep, you can get effect by the next morning.

⑨ Action to recover from fatigue and increase appetite
There are various abundant organic acids in apple so it is effective for recovering from fatigue and increasing appetite.

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