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[ Apple ]
Dongro apples are apples produced in Dongro area, the purest region in Munkyung where Baekdu Daegan passes through.
Jeungpyeong apple is grown in certain parts of Jeungpyeong-gun that have good sunlight. Jeungpyeong apple is clear in color, sweet in taste, and evenly rounded in shape. Chungbuk Horticulture Cooper...
[Jangyeon apple]
Goisan’s Jangyeon apple has been spread by Goisan-gun Agricultural Technology Center. The Technology Center trained the cultivation team several times for the successful cultivation of Jangyeon apple...
[Sangok Slow Village apple]
Sangok Slow Village grows its apples in the mountains about 400m in altitude above sea level. The mountainous area is free of pollution and has clean air.
Gapyeong’s apples are very sweet and juicy because they are grown in the highlands with cool breeze and high diurnal temperature difference. As herbicides are not used and weeds are individually p...
[Apple Pear]
Surokgol Village’s fruits use less chemicals: we use less than half the recommended amount of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. We do not use any herbicides.
Jangsu apples were first introduced to Jangsu-gun as “Gukgwang” in 1908. As Jangsu has high diurnal temperature differences, it produces highly sweet, firm, and colorful apples
[Gapyeong apples]
Since the village is in the mountain, the average temperature is 12°C and the daily temperature range is high (during harvest time higher than 10°C) so that the degree of sweetness is at the highest n...
[Introducing Nokjeon Apples]
Nokjeon apples have unbeatable flavors as they are grown in mountains. Grown in the cold highlands, the apples are firmer and juicier.
[Geochang Apple]
When time pass after the apple is peeled, you see the color change and it doesn’t look good. This means that the oxidation reaction has taken place
[Shindo Mountain Apples]
As the orchard is mainly located on mountains, the apples are grown in high diurnal temperature differences, abundant sunlight, and appropriate climates. Therefore, the apples are firm and juicy with...
[Introducing Nokjeon Apples]
Nokjeon apples have unbeatable flavors as they are grown in mountains. Grown in the cold highlands, the apples are firmer and juicier.
[mountain apple]
An introduction of the sustainable mountain apple.
[Gumi apple]
The harmful effects of artificial pesticides was reduced to a minimum by using a natural repellant, which is environmentally friendly and controls the damage caused by insects by increasing their natu...
[Joryeong Apple]
Baekdu Great Mountain Range’s Mt. Joryeong has modern mountain terrains and clear waters to be known as a very livable place. Yeonpung apples are grown in Mt. Joryeong’s unique climates and have high...
[Yeongcheon Apples]
Grown in fertile soils with easy water supply and irrigation, the apples produced in our village are currently the best-quality apples in Korea. The City of Yeongcheon sponsored and designated Geumho...
[HwangDung Apples]
Apple is alkalinity foods, main components is carbohydrate and protein and fat are low and it has enough inorganic matter such as vitamin C, sulfate, sodium, calcium and so on. Vitamin C is good for s...
[Jinan apple]
The scarlet apple, produced in the Plateau Jinan, 600m above sea level, cannot be compared to apples in other regions in terms of sweetness.
[Yongbong Mountain apple]
Yongbong Mountain apple is farmed by using the fertilizer that has lactobacillus, calcium, natural herb juice, amino acids, grass juice, natural mineral ferment, also apple products are processed in t...
[Jangsu Apples ]
Jangsu is almost free of pollution with huge diurnal difference of temperatures (15∼20℃) of highlands and as its village and most of its farmlands are located in the mountainous highlands (400∼600m ab...
[Icevally Apple]
As a basin with continental climate and warm monsoon, it is abundant in sunlight and has high diurnal difference in temperatures caused by the unique climate of Icevalley. The Icevalley Apples produce...
[Yeongju Apples]
[Apple Snack, Apple Taffy, Apple Wrap Paste, Apple Pepper Paste, Apple Wine]
Apples are applied to apple snack, apple taffy, apple wrap sauce, apple pepper paste, apple wine.
[Dongsan Apples ]
Most of the villagers engage in apple production and the village is surrounded by the orchard. In particular, Palgongsan Apples are grown in the fresh air and clean waters of Palgong Mountains with ab...
[Boksaggot village's apples]
The apples of Boksaggot Village are cultivated in clean environment and are well-known for their superior quality. We cultivate with pollution free soil and water as if we are cultivating to feed our...
[Chungju Apples ]
Apples that are well-known to be good for fatigues, smokers, chronic gingivitis, arterial sclerosis, high blood pressure, diarrhea and constipation is recently known to be good for dieting. Chungju a...
[Gaya Mountains Eastern Herbal Apples]
Gaya Mountains Eastern Herbal Apples use herbal materials of Eastern Medicine instead of chemicals and fertilizers. As they are cultivated by environmentally-friendly natural method, they can be eate...
[Cheongsong Apples]
No-peeling Apples – Cheongsong Apples Cheongsong Apples are very sweet and firm for good preservation, so they are exported to eight countries, including Taiwan, Singapore, Japan and Indonesia and co...
[Hamyang apple]
The Korea’s first record on apples is on Gyerimyusa(鷄林類事)(1103), on which M. asiatica is written as ‘imkeum(means a king)’, in Eijong (1083-1105) of the Koryo dynasty.
[Yeoju apples]
Yeoju surrounded with Tae-baek mountains, Cha-ryung mountains and Kwang-ju mountains is excellent loess place, it has produced solid and crusty apple by supplying rich nutrition with fertile soil of h...
[The Pine Tree-fragranced Apple]
The pine tree-fragranced apple grows in a place with high altitude and long period of sunlight so it has high sweetness and good maturity. It grows in rich ground with natural fertilizer, without any ...
[Geochang Apple]
When considering face, it reminds of apple, Geochang Apple Festival opening in November of each year plays a major role for making this area known as an apple village. Geochang, surrounded by mountain...
[Gucheon Morning Dew Apple]
The Gucheonsa apple is famous for its good taste, hardness and peculiar sweetness and color because it is produced in the special climate of the village. The apple has medical effects of lowering body...
[Eunjagol Apples]
Apples in Sangju is high quality, non polluting apples. Apples of Ywiseong are mainly produced in bondocks, where they have thin rind, much juice, high sugar content. Especially vitamin C is abundant....
[Pohang Gigyemyeong Apple]
If you drive into inland from Pohang for about twenty minutes, you will be able to catch the sight of the famous apple-producing area in Gigye Village, where is perfect for growing apples thanks to th...
[Mt. Gaya Hanbang Apple]
The juice of green vegetables, nutrient elements in oriental medicine (Korean angelica, cinnamon, licorice root and ginseng) and indigenous microorganisms are made and used. The National Agricultural ...
[Mt. Palgong Gat Bawi Apples]
It is the application of the Gat Bawi character to apples, a regional fruit of the village. It was developed by the Dong-gu office of Daegu city to advertise the Mt. Palgong tourist zone and Buddhist ...
[Punggi Apples]
Introduction and Origin: There is a large site for cultivating apple, in YoungJu region. The climate and soil of YoungJu is proper to cultivate apple. High quality apples(Malus Pumila) are produced an...
[Yanggak Apple]
It weighs around 300g and quite uniform in size. The rind of apple yellow-green with rose red stripes. The flesh of apple is white-yellow and juicy. It weighs around 300g and quite uniform in size. Th...
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