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  Information Village has established various contents from the 1st through the 4th stage for local informationalization in services, such as local news, electronic commerce, community, and information channels, and in the construction of individual Homepages for each village and each individual and an integrated Homepage.
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Municipal/Provincial Homepages
Village Homepages
Household/Individual Homepages
Invil News
  Invil News is comprised of lively news from the local residents, not dry news from professional
reporters. The lively local news delivers thoroughly descriptive and depictive local news that is
never found in corporate presses.
Village Marketplace
  Do you give a full credibility and feel safe to agricultural and fishery goods served on your dining
table? Local agricultural and fishery goods wrapped with a benevolent heart of rural areas will be
directly handed to you.
Village Marketplace
  How much do you know about mountains and rivers in your country?
How many times have you been there?
You will encounter vividness and deep impression described by the local residents.
  Do you ever miss the peculiar mood of rural areas?
You will encounter life stories and warm affection of local residents in rural areas with openness
and frankness.
Contents Bank
  Flood of information; doesnt it ever make you feel confused and stifled?
Only necessary information is gathered for your need. Credibility is embedded here.
Fun is embedded here.
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