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About Invil
Introducing Information Network Village
Local villages of Korea are drawing a keen attention from the world
Rural and urban areas where information and people interact, and where any individual can
have an access to information that he/she wants regardless of occupation, age and location.
Internet Village built together with the government and local residents.
This is what Information Network Village is about.
The world with no digital divide built together with local residents
Information Network Village Building Project is designed to reduce the digital divide between rural and urban regions by increasing availability of e-government services and to increase income level of local residents by boosting regional economy through e-commerce, which eventually leads to the improvement of the quality of life in rural communities.
Information Network Village is built in this way
1. Information Network
1. Village is built in this
1. way
Communication network is established in a way where high-speed Internet can be used with a low cost.
2. Building Home
1. Internet System
High-performance PC is provided to individual households so that each family member can have an easy access to Internet anytime.
3. Establishing Village
1. Information Center
Village information center will be established to serve as a lounge for residents where training on information as well as on-line civil affairs services with advanced training equipments and materials is provided along with automated document issuing machines for civil affairs.
4. Building Information
1. Contents
Diverse materials collected from public and private agencies in different locations will be developed into information contents and offered to users after catering them to their needs.
5. Educating Community
1. Internet Network
Customized training adjusted to the level of the residents will be provided on a continuous basis so that any individual can be familiarized with the use of Internet.In parallel, educational programs will be proceeded to foster information leaders who can stand in the forefront of the community Internet network.
6. Establishing
1. Management System
Information Network Village Steering Committee will be established for encouraging autonomous management by the residents. In the meantime, a structured operation system will be set up through Central Council where all the community members take part in.
7. Fostering Information
1. System
On-line as well as off-line promotions through Internet and medial will be launched in a comprehensive manner. For this, various events and themes will be developed to foster the?operation of the information system.
Information Network Village is built in this way
The logo of Information Network Village emphasized on a smooth flow of networking between producers and consumers, and urban cities and rural cities. It derived from a connection between ‘the fourth’ and ‘the second.’
Putting in URL between them expresses possibilities of cyber space.
The symbol of Information Network Village, the logo, was designed using blue and green which expresses a fresh benefit through direct deal, clean environment and the fourth.
Character of the next generation, Chorongyi
A character of Information Network Village comes with a new-look.
It is designed with refinement, smooth curve and various lines.
Its design is originated from a popular board image to show powerful motion. ‘@’ symbolizes pure, neat and fresh green and information-oriented village.
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