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Jangdan Soybean Festival
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Jangdan has a reputation for its production of soybeans, in which a large-sized cultivation complex of soybeans has been established. High-quality soybeans produced in this area are supplied throughout the country. Due to its peculiarity of location where the entry of civilians is controlled, this area can produce the best quality soybeans from its clean water and non-polluting soil. Every November, the Paju Jangdan Soybean Festival is held under the agreement with the military unit that has jurisdiction over the northern area to the Civil Control Line. The purpose of the festival is to strengthen the agricultural competitiveness in an environment of an open economy under WTO rules and to develop local specialties so as to increase the income of the local residences.

theme : Jangdan Soybean Festival
place : Baekyeon-ri (Tongilchon), Kunnae-myeon
period : Every November

- The Food Fair is for visitors to taste and purchase various foods made with Jangdan soybeans.
- The participation program gives visitors opportunities to actually experience the programs related to Jangdan soybeans.
- Fun and Games publicize the local specialties of Paju to visitors through the various game programs.
- The Cultural/Art Fair forms a festive atmosphere through its characteristic features.
- The Market Fair gives visitors a chance to experience the other excellent agricultural specialties of Paju.
- Time: Every November
- Place: Baekyeon-ri (Tongilchon), Kunnae-myeon
- Sponsored: City of Paju
- Supervised: Association of Promotion on Jangdan Soybean Festival in Paju
- Registration
  Individual Participant: Bring I.D. card and apply at the spot on the day
  Family Participant: Apply in advance to the Agricultural Technology Center (031-940-4913-4) for a vehicle permit.
- Information: Tourism Agriculture Team, Agricultural Technology Center in Paju (031-940-4915, 4916)

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