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Burning Daljip, Ice Tower, Scarecrow Festival
This event is held every January 15 of the lunar calendar. Bamboo columns are erected and covered by straws and thin branches with a door to the east where the moon rises. This makes Daljip.
2014.09.01 ~2014.10.30
Italian Millet and Indian Millet Harvesting Festival
9majigi Village holds Italian Millet and Indian Millet Harvesting Festival every October and November. During the festival, the Italian Millet and Indian Millet grown in the village are harvested and thrashed. Then, they are ground in the...
2014.10.01 ~2014.11.01
Gorosoe Festival
The sap of a Painted maple is a mysterious sap and legends say that Highest Priest Doseon was about to attain Nirvana during his discipline at the end of Silla; however, as he was holding a branch of a tree because he was unable to stand up...
Chuseok Festival
For the last twenty years, whenever Chuseok comes, the village residents have had a singing contest sponsored by the village young men and the earnings are used to help the elderly who live by themselves and the poor in the village.
2014.08.15 ~2014.08.15
Pungeoje (A good haul festival)
Dangsanje will be revived to reborn as Pungeoje starting in 2006, which wishes a good haul for the year and enshrines a god from Dangsan and sends the wish to the sea.
2014.01.15 ~2014.01.15
Cheoljjukje Festival
Wild royal azalea around the summit and range of Mt. Seorisan forms a community that looks like the shape of Korean peninsular.
2014.05.01 ~2014.05.31
Yeoninsan Wild Flower Festival
Peak 906 in the southeast of Yeoninsan Mountain was named Ujeongbong Peak, Jeonpaegogae Hill to Ujeonggogae Hil, and Peak 879 in the southeast to Jangsubong Peak
2014.04.23 ~2014.05.22
Gorosoe Festival
Celebrating its 7th anniversary since 1998, Yangpyeong Danwol Gorosoe Festival is held annually around April and is getting bigger every year as more urban visitors are participating. The festival attracts 6000 visitors annually
2014.04.01 ~2014.04.30
Sanshinje Shinjedang ceremonial site, in the middle of Cheupsan, has been the place of ceremony wishing the wellbeing of villagers against beasts. The ceremony is still held biannually, preserving the tradition of the community. As a villa...
Sansuyu Festival
Chueupsan, located at the south of Yangpyeonggun, boasts its beautiful scenery and clean valleys. Visitors from the capital area crowd on weekends and holidays, while sansuyu flower adds to the attraction of one of the most important touris...
2014.03.01 ~2014.04.30
The Haetsaldri Grape Festival
To advertise “Haetsaldri Grapes,” a specialty of Gungpyeong-ri Village, the village holds “Haetsaldri Grape Festival” every year at Gungpyeonghang Harbor.
2014.09.01 ~2014.09.20
The Estuary Festival
The Estuary Festival is held on Jebudo Island, sea of Hwaseong-si, Gungpyeong-ri, and in Jeongok-ri each year in turn.
2014.06.03 ~2014.06.05
Yodang Gingko Tree Festival
The festival is a place where visitors and the village residents meet together and look around the village’s specialties and a remembering time to browse an old photo album which has cherished the history of the village.
Walking in the reed field
The reed field stretched around Sihwadamsuho Lake, which was made about twenty years ago by the government’s big reclamation project.
Scarecrow Art Festival
Scarecrows that protect grains that have been grown year round represent a farmer’s emotions, which have stayed with the farmer in the change of the times and also make us sentimental for the memories of our home.
2014.09.01 ~2014.09.30
Yeonin Mountains Wild Flower Festival
Yeonin Mountains is located at the border of Seungan-ri, Sangpan-ri and Baekdun-ri to the south of Myeongji Mountains and is the source of Yongchu Valley. As going up the three hiking courses, the naturally growing light-pink royal azalea ...
2014.04.26 ~2014.05.02
Prehistoric Festival of Jeongok-ri
Yeoncheon Jeongok-ri Old Stone Age Festival held in prehistoric remains of Jeongok-ri around every Children’s Day selects different subtitles every year and provides varieties of programs such as prehistoric experience or stone tool making....
2014.05.04 ~2014.05.05
Seokjang-ri Art Festival
Yeoncheon Baekhak Information Village opens Seokjang-ri Art Festival, a local culture and art event, at Seokjang-ri Art Center every Aug 15. Also, Jeongok-ri Prehistoric Festival invites more than 300,000 people around every Children’s Day...
2014.08.15 ~2014.08.15
Within the reckless industrial development and our forgetting the nature, we provide urban dwellers with the sentiments, vacation, leisure and activities of a pure hometown as a new attraction to create precious cultural events from our tra...
Duck-release Launching
It is the time when Buraemi Village releases the ducks for the Ori Rice farm to cultivate the farms with them. Along with Duck-release Launching to produce pollution-free Ori Rice at the pure and fertile soils of Buraemi Village, you can r...
Buraemi Art Contest
To provide our adolescents with a chance to experience the beautiful natural environment and to express it in a canvas, Buraemi Art Contest is programmed, so that they can culture the emotions and understand the values and significance of o...
Buraemi Pear Blossom Festival
Buraemi Pear Blossom Festival held in April when the pear blossoms bloom, is programmed with the farm experiences. We offer various events such as “Hiking through Flower Road with Family” in which you hike under the pear blossoms with your...
Buraemi Homecoming Day
It is a homecoming festival to the warmth of Buraemi Village. The members of Hometown Union and former Buraemi villagers can visit the hometown and the tourists can come to participate and to make Buraemi a second hometown.
2014.03.01 ~2014.03.30
Icheon Hapssal(the year's crop of rice) Festival
Experiencing the agricultural tradition of Korea in Icheon Hapssal(the year's crop of rice) Festival
2014.10.25 ~2014.10.27
Icheon World Ceramic Festival
Firing instrument, tea-ceremony utensil, tea-ceremony demonstration, history of Icheon ceramic industry
2014.09.01 ~2014.10.31
Jangdan Soybean Festival
Jangdan has a reputation for its production of soybeans, in which a large-sized cultivation complex of soybeans has been established.
2014.11.01 ~2014.11.30
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