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Chulyoung totem pole feast
The totem pole, which is passed on in civilian life together with Sogdae, menhir, dolhap, and penis stone, is the expression of Korean ancestor's primitive religion. And that it is protecting God to keep the peace of the village and block calamity as well as sign of village.    Chulyoung totem pole feast is held every October every year at Seoma-ri, Bokheung-myeon since 1995 by Institute of researching Baekje traditional culture and Chulyoung totem pole ceremony committee. The totem pole village is known to the public particularly well, so many people have been visiting here continuously.

History and origin of pole totem
- There are several theories on the origin of totem pole: The theory insisting it is originated from the ideology of worshipping penis stone. The theory insisting it is originated from sogdae by menhir. The theory insisting it is originated from the limit among temples. However the theory insisting it is originated from the objective to keep the peace of the village and block calamity is regarded as being the most reasonable

- Function of totem pole: Several theories on the objective of totem pole are discussed: Sign of the village, limit between villages, healing the weakling of the village by the geomancy, God protecting temple. However the common thing among those opinions is that the totem pole is regarded as God protecting the village. It can be inferred by the words of [Great General in the World] inscribed on totem pole. 

Main contents 
1. Gil game----------> around totem pole village at Seoma-ri
2. Contest of taking a picture---> opening ceremony, special class 
3. Folk concert -------> folk music exorcism
4. Folk games -------> making rope, straw sandals, bunch of egg
5. Regular exhibition--------> thatched cottage, 700 wooden totem poles, 50 pieces of sogdae, folk sources, totem pole and mask, Sunchang indigenous products, exhibition of wild flower, and exhibition of chrysanthemum

Main events 
1. Opening ceremony
2. Totem pole ceremony-at Jeoman       
3. Nationwide totem pole exhibition, song and dance relating to totem pole
4. Traditional dance (Salpuri and Buddhist dance) 
5. Samul-nori
6. Folk concert (pan exorcism, seonban, stepping on the God of the earth)
7. Deuldok-nori (Contest of participating teams) 

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