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Seodong Culture Festival

Mahan Folk Art Performance is a cultural festival that has been around since Oct 1968.  Starting this year, we programmed it to be a new form of art performance that is planned and subjected by the citizens.  Mahan Folk Art Performance was named Iksan Seodong Culture Festival in 2003 to establish the history of Iksan and to hold a 21st century’s citizen’s festival in which the international love story of Seodong and Seonhwa is reorganized into a modern perspective.  Iksan Seodong Culture Festival, a new Mahan Folk Art Performance, is based on the historical record of Buddha’s  Responses of the Time of Six Empires of China stating 「King Mugang moved the capital to Jimomil and built Jeseokjeong Temple in the 13th year of his reign」, a rectangular Wanggung Castle discovered in 1976, the twin tombs of King Mu and Queen Seonhwa, the national temple of Mireuk Temple recorded in Times of King Mu in 「History of Three Empires」 and the recently-found story of Seodong’s mother descending in Yeondong Village, Seogodo-ri, Geumma-myeon.  Various culture events with the modernly reorganized theme of 1,400-year-old Baekje love story, the international love story of Seondong and Yeonhwa.  

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