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Small Concert
Cheese Village Small Concert & Cheese Experience Festival Cheese Village Small Concert has been held every summer since August 2005 along with the Cheese Festival. The Village Committee prepares the local residents to perform in the conce...
2014.08.12 ~2014.08.13
Goindol Festival
Goindol Park has a prehistoric experience center to promote the remains of Goindol (dolmens), the World Cultural Heritage of UNESCO, and offers Goindol experience festival in connection to Gochang Moyangseongje Festival.
2014.10.09 ~2014.10.12
Seafood Festival
Seafood Festival is held every September to pray for good catch and the safe return of the fishermen.
Barley Festival
Gochang Barley Festival, held in the 100ha of green barley field, presents various experience events for tourists such as walking through the barley fields, eating barley foods, and traditional folk games.
2014.04.00 ~2014.05.00
Gochang Moyang Castle Festival
To succeed the patriotic spirit of Gochang Castle (Moyang Castle) and promote our superior folk culture, ‘Gochang Moyang Castle Festival’ has been held for four days around September 9th since 1973.
There are two types of fireflies: Luciola lateraiis Motschulsky and Lychnur is rufa Olivier. The former lives in clean waters, feeds on melanian snails, and both male and female have wings.
Seodong Culture Festival
Iksan holds many historical culture festivals. Mangseong-myeon, in particular, holds melon festival related to the cool melons produced in high quantity. We also invite you to the historical festival of Seodong Culture Festival.
Melon Festival
Iksan holds many historical culture festivals. Mangseong-myeon, in particular, holds melon festival related to the cool melons produced in high quantity. We also invite you to the historical festival of Seodong Culture Festival.
Shiitake Festival
It is a spontaneous festival of the villagers aiming to introduce our shiitake. It was developed from a small village ceremony. It is focused on shiitake to introduce many dishes and produces of shiitake.
Nongae Festival
Nongae Ju of Uiam sacrificed her life by throwing herself and a Japanese general into Nam River at the age of 19 in 1593 during the Japanese Invasion of 1592 in order to save our country. Jangsu hold a festival every September to admire th...
Apple Blossoms Festival
Apple Blossoms Festival of Jangsu is an environmental culture-experience tourists’ festival that stimulates the emotions of the urban dweller under then theme of “Farm Experience Collaborative Festival with Apples.”
Gochang holds Fishery Product Festival, a nationwide fishery introduction event, every year around the blooming of hardy clusters. This festival is an event of praying for big catch and safety of the fishers, held in Seonun Mountains Provi...
2014.09.01 ~2014.09.30
Oseong Rituals
Descendants of Baekje hold various events every October at the peak of Oseong Mountains to admire the spirits of the Five Elders buried at the peak of Oseong Mountains.
2014.10.04 ~2014.10.06
Sun Greeting Festival
The beautiful and friendly festivals of humble villagers, including Sun Greeting Festival, Lunar Jan 15th Festival and Townspeople’s Day Festival, are held in Okjeongho Village. Our villagers gather for the festival to cooperate and collab...
2014.01.01 ~2014.01.01
Maisan Festival
Jinan Maisan Cherry Blossom Festival is supported by the reputation of world’s best couple summits of Mai Mountains and the impression of the 2.5km-long cherry blossom tunnel connecting the tomb of San Lee on the south and Tap Temple. As i...
2014.04.01 ~2014.04.30
Samin culture ceremony
Samin culture ceremony is a memorial service that memorizes Sunchang county chief Kim Jung, Damyang deputy delegation Park Sang, Mooan district magistrate Yoo Ok. They risked their lives by appealing to Jungjong i to restore their deposed q...
2014.09.01 ~2014.09.30
Haewon ceremony at Mt. Hoimun
Dojo, Dae-Sung Kang was born at Bonggok village, Gurim-myeon, Sunchang County in 1898.
Chulyoung totem pole feast
The totem pole, which is passed on in civilian life together with Sogdae, menhir, dolhap, and penis stone, is the expression of Korean ancestor’s primitive religion.
2014.10.19 ~2014.11.18
Wild flower feast in spring, autumn
Event of distributing flower seed: 2,00o types of flowers such as cockscomb, rose moss, touch-me-not are distributed to 500 people who come first everyday.
2014.07.01 ~2014.07.31
Sunchang Gochujang feast
The Sunchang kochujang feast is a big party at Sunchang that prays for great harmony and the development of 150,000 county residents.
2014.05.01 ~2014.05.31
Sochung Saseon cultural ceremony
[Sochung ceremony], which had succeeded the spirit of loyalty, filial piety, passion and [Saseon cultural ceremony], which had spread locally cultural event to the whole of Korea on the basis of the legend of four nymphs have been combined ...
Cherry-blossom feast at temple Songgwang
Soyang cherry-blossom road is 2km long along 40-year-old cherry-blossom trees.
2014.04.01 ~2014.05.31
Yellow Soil Festival
The mystery of yellow soil that begins with human history and the energy of life contained in the beauty of yellow soil that just start to stretch themselves together with the future of the Yongji people.
2014.06.01 ~2014.06.30
Folk Bullfight Festival
At first, bullfight had been enjoyed by herd boys as a hobby since the beginning of the farm culture.
2014.10.01 ~2014.10.31
Donghak Farmer’s revolution Memorial Event
Gapo Donghak Revolution, held in 1984(31years under Gojong), is a social reform movement of farmers who were opposite to the feudalism and invasion and tried to reform the society during the last period of Choseon dynasty.
2014.05.10 ~2014.05.11
Jeongeupsa Culture Festival
To adapt and develop the truthful and humble spirit of Jeongeupsa to the spirit of the people, and to remind of the responsibility of husband by focusing on the grudge to change herself to a miss-husband rock, the Jeongeupsa Cultural Event ...
2014.10.01 ~2014.11.30
Competitive show of pear
This is held in order to advertise the superiority of Jeonju pear succeeding Jeonju peach which is the famous products of Jeonju and improve the quality of Jeonju pear.
2014.09.22 ~2014.09.23
Peach festival
This is held in order to advertise the superiority of Jeonju pears succeeding Jeonju peaches which are the famous products of Jeonju and the improved the quality of Jeonju pears.
2014.07.26 ~2014.07.27
Unbonghyangkyo Seokjeon Daeje
A ceremony is held in honor of wise men including Congja, Anja, Jeungja, Jasa, Mengja and others from ancient China and Korea to pay respect to the teachings of the ancient sages.
2014.02.01 ~2014.02.28
Hwangsan Great Victory Festival
General Lee blocked the Japanese invasion to Namwon through Hamyang, winning a sweeping victory in Hwangsan.
Baraebong Cheolhcukje
As the sheep grazed on the grass and shrubs, only the rhododendron was left behind to naturally form a colony of rhododendrons.
2014.04.01 ~2014.05.31
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