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Cheongwansan Reed Festival

Grand festival of Korea's mountain hikers held on second Sunday of every October at the peak of Cheongwan Mountains… It is called Cheongwan Mountains as the beautiful harmony of multi-islands seas and rare-looking rocks resembles a crown of a heavenly being decorated with jade. The reed field covering 132ha of prairies of the peak is literally an impression of silvery Mother Nature. Come to visit the silvery wave at the peak of Cheongwan Mountains every autumn.

Jeamsan Royal Azalea Festival

The biggest attraction of Jeam Mountains is naturally growing royal azaleas loved by the mountain enthusiasts. The royal azaleas starting from the bottom of Saja Mountains stretch 6km throughout Saja Mountain ridges, past Jeam Mountains and toward Keun Mountains of Jangdeong-myeon. Wild royal azaleas are concentrated from 50m up to 200m in width to cover the mountains with blossoms every May. Dazzling waves of blossoms spread throughout the mountains to impress the mountain hikers and to attract them longer. The peak of Jeam Mountains' royal azaleas will come earlier this year to be from late Apr to mid May. Jeamsan Royal Azalea Festival was initiated by Jangheung Culture Association and Jeam Mountain Climbing Society to create a local festival held on a holiday or Sunday between May 1 and 15 every year by lengthen blooming period of royal azaleas and preserving the nature's beautiful festival. Jeamsan Royal Azalea Festival, which will be held 14th time this year, is the starting point of Korea's many royal azalea festivals to gain reputations nationwide. The participating mountain climbers (Pic 3) increase gradually every year and in case of last year, 35,000 mountain enthusiasts participated in our festival. From about 4~5 years ago, Jeam Mountains has become a noted marker of Jangheung where nationally renowned photographers gather to take beautiful pictures.

Pike Eel Festival

Living in the broad seas of Deungnyang Bay which is a center of maritime ecologies, pike eels are widely known as great summer healthy food of elders. Every late July, Pike Eel Festival is held at Janghwan Island and opens unique folk events of softly soft wetlands experience and releasing toothfish.

Borim Culture Festival

We hold a festival that succeeds and develops Borim Culture Festival, which is a traditional culture event of our village, and that aims for the collaboration and prosperity of our villagers. Borim Culture Festival is held every other year in odd years.

Gamaegi Festival

Gamaegi is a traditional fishing technique of installing nets in the tidal wetlands with huge difference of low and high tides and capturing the fish flown with the flood tides in the nets. You can feel the excitement of hand-catching mullets, octopuses, seabreams and crabs.
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