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Stone Tower Festival
Stone Tower Festival ◎ Location ▪ Seorim-ri Resort at Seo-myeon Yangyang-gun
2014.06.01 ~2014.08.31
Mountain Festival of a Midsummer Night
Mountain Festival of a Midsummer Night ◎ Location ▪ Deokpung Valley, Punggok-ri Gagok-myeon, Samcheon
2014.08.01 ~2014.08.31
Thorny Ash Shoots Festival
Thorny Ash Shoots Festival Description “Taste the fresh green of spring.”Variety of dishes with thorny ash shoots! Cherish your appetite with the best gift of nature.
2014.04.01 ~2014.04.30
Samgut Festival
Samgut is the traditional way of steaming hemp to make linen. Visitors and tourists can experience Samgut at Ujeonri Village. You can also taste food cooked in this special way of steaming. In addition to steamed Samgut dishes, visitors ...
2014.01.01 ~2014.01.01
Mountain Berry Festival
escription This festival is held by Donggang Village for tourists to experience its unique specialties and tourism products and make unforgettable memories in Donggang Village
Chinese Bellflower Festival
Description Gomureung Hwanseon Village will develop Bellflower Complex Experience and Theme Programs throughout the village and offer Chinese Bellflower Festival for tourists to make unforgettable memories and enjoy their vacations.
Mt. Chilseong Hiking Competition
Mt. Chilseong Hiking Competition is an event that began in 2000 for anybody who wants good health to participate.
2014.10.00 ~2014.11.00
Chestnut Picking Festival
Chestnut Picking Festival in autumn includes many unique programs that are only available in farm villages.
Tomato Festival
Tomato Festival began in 2005. During this festival, Hakvillage’s tomatoes are sold to consumers at low prices and noodles, spaghetti, jam, juice, bread, and sandwich made with tomatoes are offered for free tasting.
Winter in Yongbaui
It is a farm experience program for winter in Sanyang Village.
Autumn in Golden Field
It is a farm experience program for autumn in Sanyang Village. Planting garlic, Climbing to Chilseongdae, Photographing at Sanyang Village, Finding constellations
Summer in Farm Village
It is a farm experience program for summer in Sanyang Village.
Spring in Green Barley Field
It is a farm experience program for spring in Sanyang Village.
Folk Festival of New Full Moon
Hadomun Village opens Folk Festival of New Full Moon around the 15th of Lunar January. The folk customs of the 15th of Lunar January originated from the ancient society that was centered on agriculture.
Making scarecrows and scaring off birds
The autumn of a farm village is filled with harvest and abundance. In autumn, Hadomun Village prepares for an autumn festival with scarecrows and other farm culture of Korea.
Hadomun Village Pork Belly Festival
In summer, Hadomun Village’s vegetable wraps freshly grow. Hadomun Village holds Hadomun Village Pork Belly Festival when its vegetable wraps emit its green colors.
Cherry Blossom Festival
The spirit of spring reaches its peak in April. This is when the blossoms show their faces, and Hadomun Village will be colored with cherry blossoms
Dongchang Boje Festival
Dongchang Boje was first initiated by Goon-Bo Kim, who constructed Dongchang irrigation to pray for the well-preservation of the irrigation system and good harvest. With wholehearted support and participation of the villagers, it was settl...
Village Festivals
Crane Peace Village values the collaboration and cooperation of the villagers and opens Immigration Commemoration, Four-Stick Competition on Lunar Jan 15 for the integration of the village and Seniors’ Festival allowing the kids to realize ...
Smelts Festival
Smelts Festival opens various events related to smelts such as smelts fishing competition and smelts sampling show along with leisure sports matches such as ice bowling, national ice soccer and snow-mountain cycling competition and the expe...
Yellow Pollock Festival
Yellow Pollock Festival that will open a new era of winter events along with Smelts Festival of Inje has constantly been loved and developed since its first opening on 1999. Yellow Pollock Festival is a meaningful local festival sponsored ...
Leisure Sports Festival
Unlike the most tours in Korea are “Seeing Tour” around the natural sceneries and historical relics, Inje offers various local festivals where the tired modern people can recreate along with the “Leisure Sports Festival”where they can const...
Manhae Festival
Baekdam Temple was the meditation house of Manhae. Priest Manhae was born in Hongseong of Chungnam and studied the Buddhist teachings at Baedam Temple. He published a collection of poems called 『Silence of My Honor』 in 1925 to plant the s...
Scarecrow Festival
Scarecrow Festival of Boksaggot Village is where you can feel the farmland by making a scarecrow by yourself.
Boksaggot Festival
Boksaggot Festival where the beautiful nature and music harmonize~ We carve a warm memory in your heart.
24 Solar Terms Festival
In spring, uncountable kinds of edible greens can be collected throughout the mountains; in summer, sticky corns are found everywhere and potatoes can be dug up endlessly; and in autumn, you can collect natural mushrooms that are known for ...
2014.09.15 ~2014.10.25
Full-moon Festival
Dongchang Boje was first initiated by Goon-Bo Kim, who constructed Dongchang irrigation to pray for the well-preservation of the irrigation system and good harvest. With wholehearted support and participation of the villagers, it was settl...
Ski Competition
Heulri Village sponsors ski competition. It is not for well-known professional skiers, but for the villager to collaboratively enjoy the ski competition as a festival.
Pimento Festival
Jinburyeong Heulri Village holds Pimento Festival to celebrate the good harvest of the year and to advertise the best pimento of Jinburyeong throughout the world.
Hyoseok Cultural Event
The village opens attractive festivals every year.
Daegwanryeong Snow Blossom Festival
The village opens attractive festivals every year.
Welcoming new Sun festival in Samchok
iIn every the first of January, Samchok helds welcoming new Sun festival in Jungra sea road, Samchok Culture & art Center, Samchok beach. This festival is for wishing new year seeing the first Sun of that year and every year, visitors get i...
2014.01.01 ~2014.01.01
Hwangtae Festival
Hwangtae festival is the local festival that village people organize to inform superiority of Hwangtae. It has become harmony of union for tourists with various experience, performance event and cultural event.
2014.02.20 ~2014.03.10
Sun-rising festival
It would be meaningful to see sunrise at Gosung when mood of unification with north Korea is hotter than ever.
2014.12.31 ~2014.01.01
The Alaska Pollack festival
This festival has the heart and hope of the people of Gosung and their lives with the Alaska Pollack.
2014.02.01 ~2014.02.28
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