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Gyeryong Festival
A happy time with the local people
2014.08.14 ~2014.08.15
Six-clove Garlic Festival
Taean Six-clove Garlic Festival introduces the superiority of Taeans healthy organic six-clove garlic that grows with our fertile yellow earth and fresh sea breeze. Six-clove garlic is sold in front of Taean-gun Office at a low price and ...
2014.06.01 ~2014.06.30
Korea Folk Arts Festival
This folk arts festival is held in order to excavate our traditional folk arts and to preserve and succeed them and to raise people's pride about our traditional culture and to widen the range of understanding, which aims enlarging the chan...
Baekjae Cultural Festival
Buyeo was the third capital of Baekjae Kingdom after Wiryeseong(Seoul) and Ungjin(Gongju). In 538A.D. (King Seong 16 years), the capital was moved from Ungin to this place and until it was fallen by allied forces of Shilla and Tang in 660...
Sedo Janggunje - Party after Ceremony
This is a party to enjoy that every house gets undefiled and every mind is purified after sending Janggun and to eat prepared drinks and food together and to be harmonized in unity, they are delightful to be one in community spirit and the ...
Sedo Janggunje - Sending Janggun(general)
All the participants carry Janggun on his back on a stretcher and march for Janggun puddle in front of the village. Band beats short beats merrily and all the village people who follow singing Janggun song see off Janggun with dancing.
Sedo Janggunje - Misfortune Chasing Ritual
Janggun Papa carries the Janggun on his back and all the participants follow him and gather the evil spirits from every house.
Sedo Janggun Festival
They build Janggun tent in an empty site of the village and when the host and Janggun are arranged led by the service items prepared in the host's house, the village people get together and start the ritual.
Sedo Janggunje
Janggunje handed down in the whole area of Gahwa 1-ri, Sedo-myeon, Buyeo-gun is a unique folk festival to pray the health of village people and good harvest. Gahwa1-ri where Janggunje is inherited is called Honggagol, which is a relative...
Nonsan Strawberry Festival
Nonsan has not only filled with cultural assets but also has superior agriculture products. Especially, the best special product, strawberries, has a 40 year farming history and tries to make the largest farming complex with the best qualit...
Ganggyeong Salted Fish Festival
Ganggyeong Salted Fish Festival open in the middle of Oct. every year at Nonsan, Chungcheongnam-do, this was first opened in 1997 for the Revival Campaign for Ganggyeong'
Yangchoen Dried Persimmons Festival
Nonsan Yangchon Dried Persimmon Festival is held on the middle of Nov. every year to contribute to the local economy by advertising superior quality of Yangchon dried persimmons.
Geumgang Ethic Festival
From olden days, Guemsan was called Jinnae for its mountains and water, and ethic cultures are still preserved up to now along with beautiful natural environment.
Ginseng/Apple/Pear Festival
Origin of Ginseng Festival in Korea is in Gaeseong City in Japanese colonization period, where were famous for Ginseng cultivation.
2014.10.01 ~2014.10.02
2014.08.11 ~2014.08.15
Jochiwon Peach Festival
Peach Festival for Yeongis leading specialty was first held in 2003. Along with the ritual wishing for a good harvest of peaches, we provide various programs to greet many tourists.
2014.07.01 ~2014.07.31
nari village
In April when the smell of peach blossoms fill the air, Dowon Cultural Festival with various folk and cultural art events. It is filled with various events aimed to introduce the village specialties and to integrate the villagers.
2014.04.01 ~2014.04.30
nari village
Every lunar Jan 15th, our ancestors prayed for wishes and good harvest upon the full moon. Nari Village opens Lunar Jan 15th Festival to pray for rich production and peace of the village.
2014.01.15 ~2014.01.15
2014.01.15 ~2014.01.15
Great General Sun-Sin Lee Festival
Asan Great General Sun-Sin Lee Festival is a traditional cultural tour festival held every year to remind us of the patriotism of General Lee and to admire his achievements of national defenses.
2014.04.28 ~2014.05.02
2014.10.11 ~2014.10.16
Chilgap Mountains Village Guardian Festival
In Cheongyang where the pollution-free nature and well-preserved old traditional culture harmonize, we open Village Guardian Festival to succeed the village guardian culture of Chilgap Mountains, Koreas greatest protector of village guardi...
Cheongyang Pepper/Chinese Matrimony Vine Festival

2014.08.00 ~2014.09.00
Chilgap Cultural Festival
Chilgap Mountains, the dangerous high range of Charyeong Mountain Ranges, is a sacred mountain that became the home of the people of Cheongyang. Our ancestors established unique culture of Cheongyang and contributed to integrating culture ...
2014.09.00 ~2014.10.00
Maeheon Cultural Festival
Every Apr 29, Maeheon Cultural Festival is held to commemorate the heroic achievements of Patriot Bong-Gil Yun (Pen name: Maeheon). It is sponsored by Woljin Association organized by Patriot Yun, managed by governmental groups of Yesan and...
2014.01.01 ~2014.12.30
Yedang Fishing Competition
Yedang Fishing Competition held by the governor of Yesan and sponsored by Yesan and Daejeong Maeil Newspapers is opened at Yedang Reservoir, Koreas best freshwater fishing place with heavenly natural environment, to expand fishing and to v...
2014.01.01 ~2014.12.30
Yesan Apple Festival
In order to introduce Koreas tastiest Yesan Apples and to develop the culture and arts of Yesan, 1st Yesan Apple Festival was opened in 1983 and has been opened alternatively with Townspeoples Athletic Competition from 1992. 9th Yesan Ap...
2014.01.01 ~2014.12.30
Sunset/Sunrise Festival
We invite you to the time of impression in which you greet the sun with dreamful drumbeats and the New Years morning with love, forgiving, reconciliation and longing.
Dotted Gizzard Shad Festival
Seocheon of Chungnam generally use dotted gizzard shads for raw-fish rice, seasoned raw fish and grills. Raw dotted gizzard shads are served as thin pieces with no intestines, heads and bones or with rice seasoned with vegetables and vineg...
Flatfish Festival
Maryang Port of Seo-myeon, Seocheon-gun, Chungnam known as Sundownup Village is business docking the fishing boats full of flatfish in May. Flatfish generally live lying on sandy sea bottoms or tidal flatlands, so we find more of them in Y...
Camellia/Squid Festival
When the spring trip season comes, our village of 500-year-old camellias opens a camellia/squid festival with the great taste of freshly-caught squids to pleasure the five senses of the visitors.
Ganggyeong Salted Food Festival
Ganggyeong Salted Food Festival is a native cultural festival full of things to see, taste and buy. As the time goes on, it is developing into an international festival of culture, tour and industry inviting hundreds of foreign visitors.
2014.10.11 ~2014.10.16
Hansan ramie cultural festival
A ramie is grown naturally at the foot of Mt. Geonji. Especially Hansan ramie is famous for its high-quality. A ramie ritual, which let everybody know that ramie cultural festival begins, is held every year in Seocheon. Place : ramie arbor,...
2014.05.01 ~2014.05.15
Gizzard shad feast
People at Seocheon, Chungnam eat gizzard shad with hoe rice, hoe muchim, or roast. After intestines and bones of a gizzard shad are removed, you can eat it as hoe or hoe rice with vegetables and gochujang. Some people eat it as Bbyeoggosi...
2014.09.01 ~2014.09.31
Maryangpo sunrise feast
You can also appreciate sunrise at Maryang-ri just like that at Jeongdong-jin of the East Sea. Sunrise of the West sea is resulted from the revolution and rotation of the earth. The sun rises from the southeast of Maryang-ri for 60 days aro...
2014.01.11 ~2014.02.15
Camellia/ octopus ocellatus feast
Camellia/ octopus ocellatus feast is held every year at Marayng-ri, Seo-myeon, Seocheon-gun. At this time the feast was held in the Marayng-ri camellia woods (Natural monument 169) ,well known thing of Seocheon-gun. Scarlet colored camell...
2014.03.30 ~2014.04.12
Mae Hun Cultural Festival
Ye San Kun opened Mye Hun Cultural Festival at the first time to Cherish the memories of Yun Bong Gil the Martyr in 1972 and ever since.
2014.04.27 ~2014.04.29
International Scenery Festival
another peace Islam is the theme of Koreans life and joys and sorrows of scenery festival.
2014.09.21 ~2014.09.23
Chusa Cultural Festival
Chysan Kim Jung Hee was a great calligrapher and the creator of Chusa handwriting.
2014.10.10 ~2014.10.12
Chillgap mountain Chansung festival
Chungyang has the pure nature and well-preserved culture. Specially Changsung festival is famous to provide cultural program to visitors and succeed the Changsung culture.
2014.04.01 ~2014.04.30
Chilgap traditional festival
Chilgap mountain is a holy mountain providing to villagers the living place.
2014.09.23 ~2014.10.01
Gugija / Chilly Festival
Chungyang chilly pepper/Gugija festival provide a program to have harvesting experience and quiz program about Cheongyang pepper.
2014.08.01 ~2014.09.30
Feast of January 15th
In these day, dwellers pray their health and well-being toward the oldest and biggest Dunggu tree on the 15th of the first month.
As the meaning of pray a good harvest and drive a disaster away, people believe that a win of woman in a tug of war between men and women brings a good harvest.
Sungsammun Cultural Festival
Maejookhyun Sungsammun was a famous minister of 4th King Saejong of Chosun.
2014.10.01 ~2014.10.31
Dowon Cultural Festival
Dowon Cultural Festival is held in the mid of April when pear-flowers are full bloom from 1985.
2014.04.01 ~2014.04.30
Daegokri Jangsung feast
Only on January in a leap year, Jangsung feast is held to pray prosperity of the village.
Chubu sesame leaf Festival
Chubu sesame leaf Festival is village festival which is held every other year by cultivating group.
Sasung Maeng tribute event
Sasung Maeng was a well-known State minister in late Koryo and early Chosun.
Onyang cultural feast
It introduces a new way of local feast and becomes a unique cultural product that draws attention of the Koreans and foreign tourists.
2014.04.27 ~2014.04.29
Pear Festival
Secure a firm position of Asan Pear as Asans indigenous product and quality-certified item.
2014.11.01 ~2014.11.30
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