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Songni feast
- Period : Every May
- Location : Mt. Songni, Baeteul park, Boeuneup, Boeun county, Chungbuk province.
- Supervisor : Boeun Cultural Center
- Introduction
Songni feast is intended to succeed Mt. Songni Songi play which is subsequent to Chunhwangbongsanshin ritual and Bubjusa Sapalsangjun Tapdoli as traditional folk play symbolic of Mt. Songni in Boeun county, through which the sense of community may be strengthened.

And it can establish Mt. Songni as the place for cultural feast with a new resource for sightseeing in harmony with the nature. Songni feast is intended to make the place as international site for sightseeing in harmony with the nature.

The basic approach is to help community participate in representing the traditional culture of the region based on the historical research and to inform the world of the particular characteristics of the culture in this region by developing distinctive events and through the cooperation of community.

- Incidental events : Songni feast consists of traditional culture, performance, exhibition and street events for three days.

* Traditional culture event : Songnisan religious service for mountain god, Songi play, Songnisan Bubjusa Tapdoli, Sijo(Ancient poetry) contest, folklore contest, Korean classical music

* Performance/stage event : Daechu woman contest, Kunmin music contest, Yundeokyung dance club performance

* Exhibition event : Calligraphy, porcelain, face painting, and amateur radio station

* Street event : Representation of king Sejo march, paper lantern parade, children sketch contest, firework
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