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Daeboreum Festival
A good opportunity to safeguard, succeed, and develop traditional culture and enjoy experiencing Korean traditional customs:
2014.01.15 ~2014.01.15
Jangddeul Garden Song Festival
Jangddeul Garden Song Festival revives the traditional farmers’ songs and Jangddeul Dure of Jeungpyeong. As this tradition won the grand prize at the 10th Chungbuk Folk Art Competition in 2003, Dundeok Village has held this festival since ...
2014.06.01 ~2014.06.30
Ginseng Festival
Ginseng Festival promotes Jeungpyeong’s special ginseng. Jeungpyeong has had many ginseng cultivators and has two ginseng processing plants that produce various ginseng products.
2014.10.01 ~2014.10.31
Goisan Cultural Festival
Goisan Cultural Festival of Hot Peppers integrates Goisan Cultural Festival and Goisan Hot Pepper Festival.
2014.08.01 ~2014.08.31
Nongdari Festival
The Nongdari Festival is a unique festival on Nongdari Bridge which aims to introduce Jincheon’s precious cultural assets, understand the importance of preserving cultural assets, and learn our ancestors’ wisdom. Nongdari is Korea’s only st...
2014.08.00 ~2014.09.00
fish awards
- Awarding: Encouragement/congratulatory commentaries, outstanding decorative fish awards, observations, etc.- Other: Naming decorative fish, etc.- Exhibition: Exhibition and distribution of decorative fish and other local specialties, etc....
Origin and Purpose of Festivals
Since Jincheon has broad fields and a good irrigation system, agriculture has been well-developed for a long time. Also, Jincheon has been a point of transmission for diverse native cultures. T
2014.09.00 ~2014.10.00
Jangddeuldure Game
'Jangddeuldure Game' is a traditional game through which Korean ancestors converted crisis into collaboration, fought hunger with benevolence, and encouraged each other with music and dances.
2014.06.01 ~2014.06.30
Okcheon Cultural Festival and Small Music Concert
Purposed to commemorate Poet Jung, Jiyong, the pioneer of Korea’s modern poetry and who used his extraordinary linguistic senses to express Korea’s emotions, and to succeed and develop Jiyong’s poetic spirits Small Music Concert for All, ...
2014.07.01 ~2014.09.30
Grapes Marathon and Yeongdong Grapes Festival
Yeongdong Grapes Half Marathon was started to widely introduce Yeongdong of Chungbuk, the village of the superior taste and flavors of Yeongdong Grapes. It is held every year at Yeongdong-gun Community Field and has HALF (21.0975KM), 10KM...
2014.09.01 ~2014.09.30
Danyang Six-clove Garlic Festival
This festival is to introduce our specialty – garlic. It is a good chance to purchase good-quality six-clove garlic from Danyang that is good for carcinostatic effect and has outstanding storability and unique flavors.
2014.07.01 ~2014.07.30
Joryeong Experience Festival
About 896 charged visitors and 810 uncharged visitors visited the 1st Mt. Joryeong Experience Festival, which profited up to KR \2,350,000. Many parents brought their children to the event. The tickets were sold for each event booth or ...
2014.06.10 ~2014.08.20
Suanbo Hot Springs Festival
Characterized with the world-renowned quality that have been springing naturally since the birth of the earth, Suanbo Hot Springs hold a Confucian-style ritual festival to promote the collaboration of local people and to development the loc...
2014.04.23 ~2014.04.25
Sobaeksan Royal Azaleas Festival
] Every late May when the light-pinkish royal azaleas cover all the mountains, a festival is opened at Sobaek Mountains and in the downtown where you can appreciate the fragrances of the royal azalea. Started by colorful fireworks, Sacri...
2014.05.27 ~2014.05.30
Plant festival
The purpose of the feast is to seek a new method to specialize fruit tree plants, activate a plan for symbolizing the local area, advertise the Iwon fruit tree plant, cultivate high-quality fruit trees cooperatively, and increase income.
2014.03.01 ~2014.03.31
ChungBuk Alps Climbing contest
The opportunity for tourists to enjoy climbing relatively easy course of 43,9km Chungbuk Alps.
2014.10.01 ~2014.10.31
It began since 1996 in order to provide high quality service to tourists and induce tourist by which the local culture may be developed and sightseeing income can be increased after Mt. Songni was designated as tourism special zone in harmo...
2014.10.01 ~2014.10.31
Songni feast
Songni feast is intended to succeed Mt. Songni Songi play which is subsequent to Chunhwangbongsanshin ritual and Bubjusa Sapalsangjun Tapdoli as traditional folk play symbolic of Mt. Songni in Boeun county, through which the sense of commun...
2014.05.01 ~2014.05.31
Keumsu Mountain Marathon Festival
Keumsu Mountain Marathon Festival, held in the beautiful nature tinted like silk, will be more successful and last as the best mountain marathon festival in the world.
Chungpung Myungwolje
The section covering the lake side of Kumsung myeon, Jechon through Chungpung myeon, about 13km long, is the place where there open the millions of cherry blossoms all around the scene in April.
2014.04.01 ~2014.04.30
Daeso Watermelon Festival
The festival started in 1995 to promote the quality of Daeso watermelon nationwide and to encourage provincial reconciliation and unity.
2014.07.01 ~2014.07.31
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