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Euibyeongje Festival
Euibyeongje Festival is a cultural event held every April 22 along with the Local Residents’ Day event to commemorate General Jae Woo Gwak and the 17 Warriors that led Korea’s first volunteer troops to fight against Japanese invaders in 159...
2014.04.21 ~2014.04.22
January Full Moon Festival
On January 15, everyone in the village gather to wait for the full moon. The Youth Association’s Daljip is placed in the center and people sit around it to talk and eat the food prepared by the Women’s Association. In the meantime, they a...
2014.01.15 ~2014.01.15
Hadong Wild Tea Culture Festival
Hadong, the birthplace of Buddhist music called Beompae, is a place where the Seomjin River gets joined together with superb scenic beauty of Mt. Jiri and Hallyeohaesang. Hadong Wild Tea Culture Festival which is held in such a beautiful pl...
2014.05.19 ~2014.05.22
Agyang Daebong Persimmon Festival

2014.11.01 ~2014.11.31
Changnyeong-gun on the 15th of January
Pampas grass Burning Festival is held in Mt. Hawang located in Changnyeong-gun on the 15th of January. The festival which was initiated in 1995 in reference to a local legend saying ‘for the following year to be a year of abundance and peac...
2014.01.01 ~2014.01.15
Hwagae Marketplace Cherry Blossom Festival
It is aimed to introduce Hwagae Marketplace located in the border of Yeongnam and Honam and the heavenly tourists’ attractions of our village through a Cherry Blossom Festival.
2014.04.01 ~2014.04.15
Royal Azalea Festival
Royal Azalea Festival is an annual event held every May. The hiking course of Daeun Mountains is filled with royal azaleas to make the hearts of the visitors happy
2014.11.29 ~2014.11.30
Oegosan Onggi Festival
Oegosan Onggi Festival opens Onggi Festival every year for the visitors to conveniently learn about Onggi
2014.10.15 ~2014.10.18
Mullet Festival
Mullet that were enjoyed with fresh seaweed at the home of Korea’s best seaweed, Hadong seaweed. Entering the winter that intimidates everyone’s heart, come to feel the true taste of mullet, the guest of winters.
2014.10.31 ~2014.11.01
Agyang Daebong Persimmon Festival
Hadong’s Hakyang-myeon, Pyeongsa-ri is well-known as the background of Korean saga novel called ‘Toji’ along with Seongje Summit of Jiri Mountains and Seomjin River. We hold “Agyang Daebong Persimmon Festival every November.
2014.11.01 ~2014.11.02
Open Heaven Ritual
Every October, Cheonghak-dong, Jiri Mountains appoints a day to perform Open Heaven Ritual that is also called Sodo Ritual.
2014.10.01 ~2014.10.22
Hapcheon Cherry Blossom Marathon
About 40 km-long Hapcheon lakeside roads are surrounded by Akgyeon Mountains, Geumseong Mountains and Heogul Mountains to create sea-of-mountains atmosphere.
2014.04.04 ~2014.04.04
Hadong Jingyo-myeon, Bar Snack Gizzard Shad Festival
Gizzard Shads are caught from the clean strait of Hanryesu Islands with refreshing taste and superior nutrition. The festival is to introduce our gizzard shads.
2014.08.09 ~2014.10.02
Hadong Wild Tea-making Festival
To develop our history and tradition of tea-making and to internationally introduce the nationally-renowned Hadong Wild Tea, we open an exciting festival that is developed to become an international culture and tourists’ festival.
2014.05.20 ~2014.05.23
Hwang River Sand Festival
It is opened every first Saturday and Sunday of August in Hwang Riverside for river-swimming, sand-massaging, beach-volleyball, running along water, sand soccer, water-wrestling and sand-sculpting to strengthen the physical stamina and rein...
2014.08.01 ~2014.08.07
Cheonghak-dong Gorosoi Springs Ritual
Gorosoi Springs of Hadong is the best quality spring water in Korea. They are produced in 700~1000m-high highlands of Jiri Mountains with the moisture obtained from the rocks and distinguished taste and efficacy from warn climate and abund...
2014.02.28 ~2014.03.11
Hwangmae Mountains Royal Azalea Festival
Every early-May to mid-May, scarlet royal azaleas bloom to color the mountains. At this time, Royal Azalea Festival and many other events are opened for the tourists.
2014.05.01 ~2014.05.15
Hwagae Gorosoi Springs Ritual
Gorosoi Springs of Hadong is the best quality spring water in Korea. They are produced in 700~1000m-high highlands of Jiri Mountains with the moisture obtained from the rocks and distinguished taste and efficacy from warn climate and abund...
2014.03.06 ~2014.03.06
3.1 Commemorating Festival
To commemorate the aim of 3.1 Independence Movement at Yeongae Marketplace, Ilwon on Mar 9. 1919 for the first time in Gyeongnam, we erected a memorial tower to succeed the independent mind with various events.
2014.03.01 ~2014.03.01
Ara Festival
This festival goes on for three days around the Day of County People with cultural events and athletes’ events and is becoming a festival that vitalizes the humanity and collaboration of Haman.
2014.04.15 ~2014.04.15
Icevalley Festival
Icevalley Festival opens Apple Festival in November when the apples are harvested to introduce their apples and to praise the labor of the farmers. Many people come to visit many various events.
2014.10.02 ~2014.10.04
Tripitaka Koreana Festival
“Tripitaka Koreana Festival” is a Buddhist festival of Korea opened around Haein Mountains and Gaya Mountains, the noted mountains of Korea.
2014.04.08 ~2014.04.08
Daejeo Tomato Festival
We open Daejeo Tomato Festival every March to contribute to the increase of agricultural profits by widely introducing the tomatoes produced in the fertile soils of Nakdong River. The events include Tomato Appraisal Show, Tomato Containing...
2014.03.27 ~2014.03.28
Garak Cultural Assets
To restore, succeed and develop Gaya culture as the place where the splendid culture and traditions of our ancestors breathe and to admire the energies of Gaya people, Gimhae holds King Suro’s Chunhyang Great Festival (Lunar March 15) every...
2014.03.14 ~2014.03.17
To the Sea, To the World
“To the Sea, To the World” is the largest marine festival of Korea in which you can enjoy the heavenly tourists’ resources of Geoje’s seas full of summer romance and the cultural art performances. They hold various cultural events such as ...
2014.07.15 ~2014.07.31
Ocheon River Culture Festival
Ocheon River Culture Festivalis opened every year is centered by the citizens who cultivate their lives along the river aiming for the restoration of Ocheon River, coexistence of nature and men, celebration of green dreams and sharing of ha...
2014.03.29 ~2014.03.30
Hwangu Rice Festival
Bongkye Hwangu Rice Festival started in 1997. It is the 7th this year and supported with county expense from 3rd festival in 1999. This year, we are focusing to inform the public about the festival.
2014.09.01 ~2014.09.30
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