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Let’s go handpicking pine mushrooms
The pine mushroom is well known as a mysterious and valuable mushroom. According to the 'Dongeuibogam', it is the best mushroom because it has a spirit of pine tree, having no poison and good fragrance. Therefore, people say the pine mushroom is the noble of mushroom or delicacy in the mountain.

It lives only in deep mountain. Autumn of the country comes with the scent of pine mushroom. 'Let's go handpicking pine mushroom' festival will be held in autumn. Enjoy the festival while taking a forest bath. You can cook your own pine mushroom.I hope as many as possible apply for the festival.

- Duration :          ~          (    days )
- Progress : twice a day (10:00 ∼12:00 / 14:00∼16:00)
- Place : Target: First come, first served.
- Apply / Inquiry : Tel. 054-682-9370    Kim Jong-hak

The best mushroom
It is the treasure of forests because it diffuses good scent. It is based on the symbiosis with pine trees. It is weird, butIt has excellent taste and fragrance.It lives with the root of pine tree, carbohydrate nurtured by pine trees. Instantaneously, some of the inorganic matter that absorbed in the ground are provided with the pine trees. It is popular especially in Japan, although pine tree mainly inhabit in my country. But the demand in Korea gradually increases.

What is a good pine mushroom?
- As a leaf mustard of pine mushroom does not bloom, it is better to be some thicker than handle.
- The more it becomes red, the better.
- If a leaf mustard is thick and hard, the perfume is strong, the handle is long, and the bottom is thick, it is a good mushroom

How to pick up the pine mushroom
(1st) Examine land of place that have pine tree. Pine mushroom lives mainly in land that is barren and the root of pine tree turns outside. You can find white thread like cobweb in that. It is so called 'spawn'. When it grows up, it becomes a pine mushroom. If you find it, make sure that it be covered with dirt. Then, a pine mushroom sure to grow up.

(2nd) Place with a pine mushroom looks like a formicary or mole's house. If you pick up the pine mushroom there, then cover with dirt, another pine mushroom certainly comes out. Therefore, a person who picks it well can remember the place that picked before, always look around. As the mushroom grows up in the same place, the place is top secret. Even one never teaches his father it.

(3nd) Dawn is the best time of picking it. It is because you can find pine mushroom easily when dirt is not hard, not because you have to find it before anyone else.

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