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Daeam_Jinju Bull Fighting
Jinju Bullfighting was originated from the festival in memory of Shillas victory over Backje, it is esteemed as the birth place of bullfighting with its long history ,and has been mentioned as the typical folk game of Chosun Dynasty
2014.10.03 ~2014.10.10
Daeam_Gaecheon Art Festival
Gaecheon Art Festival was opened to remember the first year of establishing Government, actual independence, and to promote culture and art as the first Youngnam Art festival in 1949( Korean calendar: 4282) After that, it has been never fa...
2014.10.03 ~2014.10.10
Salted seafood festival
Our Gangyeong Traditional Tasty Salted Seafood is the best salted seafood in the country with 200 years of history of the old Ganggyeong port.
2014.10.09 ~2014.10.13
Jara Island Jazz Festival
Gyunggido Gapyung is the gateway to the northeastern areas of Gyunggido, which connects Seoul and Chuncheon, and it is a place symbolic of leisure-sports in the spotlight of youths as well as various age groups, and also symbolic as a short...
2014.10.01 ~2014.10.10
Daeam_Junju Oil Lamp Festival
Origin of Festival The play of Yudeung to launch lamp on the Nam river was originated from the battle of Jinju castle during the Japanese invasion in 1592 which gave Korean the hardest times. When general Si Min Kim, Cungmugong, defeate...
2014.10.01 ~2014.10.12
Ginseng Festival
Ginseng Festival promotes Jeungpyeongs special ginseng. Jeungpyeong has had many ginseng cultivators and has two ginseng processing plants that produce various ginseng products.
2014.10.01 ~2014.10.31
Goindol Festival
Goindol Park has a prehistoric experience center to promote the remains of Goindol (dolmens), the World Cultural Heritage of UNESCO, and offers Goindol experience festival in connection to Gochang Moyangseongje Festival.
2014.10.09 ~2014.10.12
Italian Millet and Indian Millet Harvesting Festival
9majigi Village holds Italian Millet and Indian Millet Harvesting Festival every October and November. During the festival, the Italian Millet and Indian Millet grown in the village are harvested and thrashed. Then, they are ground in the...
2014.10.01 ~2014.11.01
Mountain Berry Festival
escription This festival is held by Donggang Village for tourists to experience its unique specialties and tourism products and make unforgettable memories in Donggang Village
Mt. Chilseong Hiking Competition
Mt. Chilseong Hiking Competition is an event that began in 2000 for anybody who wants good health to participate.
2014.10.00 ~2014.11.00
Making scarecrows and scaring off birds
The autumn of a farm village is filled with harvest and abundance. In autumn, Hadomun Village prepares for an autumn festival with scarecrows and other farm culture of Korea.
Ginseng/Apple/Pear Festival
Origin of Ginseng Festival in Korea is in Gaeseong City in Japanese colonization period, where were famous for Ginseng cultivation.
2014.10.01 ~2014.10.02
Oegosan Onggi Festival
Oegosan Onggi Festival opens Onggi Festival every year for the visitors to conveniently learn about Onggi
2014.10.15 ~2014.10.18
Mullet Festival
Mullet that were enjoyed with fresh seaweed at the home of Koreas best seaweed, Hadong seaweed. Entering the winter that intimidates everyones heart, come to feel the true taste of mullet, the guest of winters.
2014.10.31 ~2014.11.01
Open Heaven Ritual
Every October, Cheonghak-dong, Jiri Mountains appoints a day to perform Open Heaven Ritual that is also called Sodo Ritual.
2014.10.01 ~2014.10.22
Icevalley Festival
Icevalley Festival opens Apple Festival in November when the apples are harvested to introduce their apples and to praise the labor of the farmers. Many people come to visit many various events.
2014.10.02 ~2014.10.04
Oseong Rituals
Descendants of Baekje hold various events every October at the peak of Oseong Mountains to admire the spirits of the Five Elders buried at the peak of Oseong Mountains.
2014.10.04 ~2014.10.06
2014.10.11 ~2014.10.16
Ganggyeong Salted Food Festival
Ganggyeong Salted Food Festival is a native cultural festival full of things to see, taste and buy. As the time goes on, it is developing into an international festival of culture, tour and industry inviting hundreds of foreign visitors.
2014.10.11 ~2014.10.16
Icheon Hapssal(the year's crop of rice) Festival
Experiencing the agricultural tradition of Korea in Icheon Hapssal(the year's crop of rice) Festival
2014.10.25 ~2014.10.27
Tamra Cultural Festival
It is a major cultural festival which revives exactly the same what tradition life style and culture Korean led long time ago in Je-Ju.
2014.10.01 ~2014.10.31
Je-Ju Reed Flower Festival
When fall comes, a magnificent scenery is taking place.
2014.10.01 ~2014.10.31
Lets go gather darae
Jukpa Valley that has not been traveled, darae vines are grown thick along the narrow paths beside the valley. Darae vines make white flowers bloom in spring and bear fruits in fall.
2014.10.01 ~2014.10.31
Namdo Food Culture Festival
From the past we regarded foods of CHUNRANAMDO as the best. It is also a driving force of creating the PANSORI.
Rice grasshopper catching contest
Many rice grasshoppers spread widely here because of organic farming methods and clean water of Gucheon Joseongji used for raising rice.
Sangju dried persimmon festival
Sangju is the original maker of dried persimmon.
2014.10.01 ~2014.10.31
The Goksung Simchong Festival
Inform the resurrection of good daughter, SIMCHONG of 1700 years ago to the people and creates a new image of GOKSEONG.
2014.10.01 ~2014.10.31
Chulyoung totem pole feast
The totem pole, which is passed on in civilian life together with Sogdae, menhir, dolhap, and penis stone, is the expression of Korean ancestors primitive religion.
2014.10.19 ~2014.11.18
Sochung Saseon cultural ceremony
[Sochung ceremony], which had succeeded the spirit of loyalty, filial piety, passion and [Saseon cultural ceremony], which had spread locally cultural event to the whole of Korea on the basis of the legend of four nymphs have been combined ...
Folk Bullfight Festival
At first, bullfight had been enjoyed by herd boys as a hobby since the beginning of the farm culture.
2014.10.01 ~2014.10.31
Jeongeupsa Culture Festival
To adapt and develop the truthful and humble spirit of Jeongeupsa to the spirit of the people, and to remind of the responsibility of husband by focusing on the grudge to change herself to a miss-husband rock, the Jeongeupsa Cultural Event ...
2014.10.01 ~2014.11.30
Chusa Cultural Festival
Chysan Kim Jung Hee was a great calligrapher and the creator of Chusa handwriting.
2014.10.10 ~2014.10.12
Sungsammun Cultural Festival
Maejookhyun Sungsammun was a famous minister of 4th King Saejong of Chosun.
2014.10.01 ~2014.10.31
Chubu sesame leaf Festival
Chubu sesame leaf Festival is village festival which is held every other year by cultivating group.
ChungBuk Alps Climbing contest
The opportunity for tourists to enjoy climbing relatively easy course of 43,9km Chungbuk Alps.
2014.10.01 ~2014.10.31
It began since 1996 in order to provide high quality service to tourists and induce tourist by which the local culture may be developed and sightseeing income can be increased after Mt. Songni was designated as tourism special zone in harmo...
2014.10.01 ~2014.10.31
Gwangyang Barbecue Festival
There are a variety of barbecues including Korean beef, pork, goat, sea eel, webfoot octopus and gizzard shad available.
2014.10.01 ~2014.10.31
Imbangul Korean Classical Music Festival
he Imbangul Korean Classical Music Festival will be held annually to memorialize his achievement and convey his voice of solemn tears and regrets.
2014.10.01 ~2014.10.31
Gwangju Kimchi Festival
The Gwangju Kimchi Festival is one of the local cultural tourism festivals that promote Kimchi, the distinctive traditional Korean food.
2014.10.14 ~2014.10.19
Great Gaya Festival
This festival commemorates the achievement of Akseong Ureuk, who invented Gayageum.
2014.10.01 ~2014.10.31
Cheongsong Culture Festival
Cheongsong Culture Festival was launched in 1981 by Songsimhoe," which is a community-based volunteer group.
2014.10.01 ~2014.10.31
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