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Yeon-In Mountain Festival
Yeon-In Mountain’s Wildflower Festival, which was held to preserve ecology and to increase income from ecology tour, celebrates its 8th time this year. There have been many complaints and problems because there were not many royal azaleas...
2014.05.10 ~2014.05.20
Mountain Green Festival
The festival intends to succeed and develop the ancient spirits and culture of Sinrim, the town of sacred forest of gods that gathered the spirits of Mt. Chiak to create Wonju, 『The Town of Glory』. In detail, the festival creates tradition...
2014.05.01 ~2014.05.31
Chinese Bellflower Festival
Description Gomureung Hwanseon Village will develop Bellflower Complex Experience and Theme Programs throughout the village and offer Chinese Bellflower Festival for tourists to make unforgettable memories and enjoy their vacations.
Cheoljjukje Festival
Wild royal azalea around the summit and range of Mt. Seorisan forms a community that looks like the shape of Korean peninsular.
2014.05.01 ~2014.05.31
Hadong Wild Tea Culture Festival
Hadong, the birthplace of Buddhist music called Beompae, is a place where the Seomjin River gets joined together with superb scenic beauty of Mt. Jiri and Hallyeohaesang. Hadong Wild Tea Culture Festival which is held in such a beautiful pl...
2014.05.19 ~2014.05.22
Pen Shell Festival
Jangheung has started the Pen shell Festival in 2003 with the motto of 'The meeting of pen shells and royal azalea blossoms! At Jungnamjin Jangheung!', and it was very successful.
2014.05.01 ~2014.05.31
Melon Festival
Iksan holds many historical culture festivals. Mangseong-myeon, in particular, holds melon festival related to the cool melons produced in high quantity. We also invite you to the historical festival of Seodong Culture Festival.
Hadong Wild Tea-making Festival
To develop our history and tradition of tea-making and to internationally introduce the nationally-renowned Hadong Wild Tea, we open an exciting festival that is developed to become an international culture and tourists’ festival.
2014.05.20 ~2014.05.23
Hwangmae Mountains Royal Azalea Festival
Every early-May to mid-May, scarlet royal azaleas bloom to color the mountains. At this time, Royal Azalea Festival and many other events are opened for the tourists.
2014.05.01 ~2014.05.15
Seven-fairies Festival
It is a cultural tour festival based on the beautiful theme of seven fairies that are said to have come down in star-bright nights playing jade flutes to bath in the pure waters of Cheonjeyeon.
2014.05.14 ~2014.05.16
Prehistoric Festival of Jeongok-ri
Yeoncheon Jeongok-ri Old Stone Age Festival held in prehistoric remains of Jeongok-ri around every Children’s Day selects different subtitles every year and provides varieties of programs such as prehistoric experience or stone tool making....
2014.05.04 ~2014.05.05
Chilgok Acacia Festival
It is the festival of Chilgok held every year nearby Chilgok Kumnam Cucumber Flowery Hill Village.
2014.05.12 ~2014.05.15
Myeongcheon Festival

2014.05.05 ~2014.04.00
Onion and Garlic Festival
Since 2003, Muan, the town of onion and garlic, has held ‘Muan Yellow Earth Onion and Garlic Festival.’ Aiming to widely introduce the superiority of our yellow earth productions such as onions and garlic and to increase the profits of far...
2014.05.01 ~2014.05.31
Sobaeksan Royal Azaleas Festival
] Every late May when the light-pinkish royal azaleas cover all the mountains, a festival is opened at Sobaek Mountains and in the downtown where you can appreciate the fragrances of the royal azalea. Started by colorful fireworks, Sacri...
2014.05.27 ~2014.05.30
Geomundo Good Catch Festival
There are Good Catch Festival and Baek Island Festival at Yeosu Geomundo Village.
2014.05.00 ~2014.05.00
Acacia Honey Festival
The Acacia Honey Festival is held in Fragrance with the Acacia scent in May at SindongJe. As the biggest the home of Acacia honey in Korea, every May in SindongJe, the festival that has 5 kim Acacia wood, has over 100,000 tourists in 3 days...
2014.05.04 ~2014.05.06
Hansan ramie cultural festival
A ramie is grown naturally at the foot of Mt. Geonji. Especially Hansan ramie is famous for its high-quality. A ramie ritual, which let everybody know that ramie cultural festival begins, is held every year in Seocheon. Place : ramie arbor,...
2014.05.01 ~2014.05.15
Yongyeon Yabum Elegant Festival
Yongyeon was once where literary man recite poems and enjoyed their elegant a long time agoYongyeon gives you faintly good taste at the Welcoming Full Moon Music Concert on a Board.
2014.05.04 ~2014.05.15
An event of loyalty and filial piety
We should protect and rear the traditional cultural inheritance that ancestors gave us, promote the soul of loyalty and filial piety that is pride of native place, and endeaver the new liveliness of the culture.
Nagan Folk Cultural Festival
NAGANUPSUNG VILLAGE conserves major folk data as well as native folk nature along with castle wall of 1410m.
2014.05.01 ~2014.05.31
Beopseongpo Tano festival
Korean people have various folk events on Tano day (May 5 of the lunar calendar) with roots in history.
Haewon ceremony at Mt. Hoimun
Dojo, Dae-Sung Kang was born at Bonggok village, Gurim-myeon, Sunchang County in 1898.
Sunchang Gochujang feast
The Sunchang kochujang feast is a big party at Sunchang that prays for great harmony and the development of 150,000 county residents.
2014.05.01 ~2014.05.31
Donghak Farmer’s revolution Memorial Event
Gapo Donghak Revolution, held in 1984(31years under Gojong), is a social reform movement of farmers who were opposite to the feudalism and invasion and tried to reform the society during the last period of Choseon dynasty.
2014.05.10 ~2014.05.11
Songni feast
Songni feast is intended to succeed Mt. Songni Songi play which is subsequent to Chunhwangbongsanshin ritual and Bubjusa Sapalsangjun Tapdoli as traditional folk play symbolic of Mt. Songni in Boeun county, through which the sense of commun...
2014.05.01 ~2014.05.31
Flower Festival
Aphaedo is the island that preserves our beautiful natural heritage with unique colors and smells created by its mountains, fields and muddy tideland all year round.
2014.05.01 ~2014.05.31
Watermelon Festival
Watermelon evaluation fair, Watermelon tasting fair, Concert by folk band, Watermelon seed spiting contest, etc.
2014.05.01 ~2014.05.31
Sudalrae flowers (a breed of azalea) that grow in Juwangsan Valley are the most beautiful type of azalea you will ever find in Korea.
2014.05.01 ~2014.05.31
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