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Chamdarae_2009 Gyeongnam Goseong Worldwide Dinosaur Expo
▶ Background of opening festival - Period of opening : 27th of March – 7th of June. 2009. 3. 27 ~ 6. 7 (73 days, opened at night on Friday, Saturday, Sunday) - Theme : Imaging wonderful world of dinosaur
2014.03.27 ~2014.06.07
Sansuyu Festival
Chueupsan, located at the south of Yangpyeonggun, boasts its beautiful scenery and clean valleys. Visitors from the capital area crowd on weekends and holidays, while sansuyu flower adds to the attraction of one of the most important touris...
2014.03.01 ~2014.04.30
Mt. Yudal Flower Festival
When Mt. Yudal begins to color in yellow and gold with the message of spring delivered by the flowers, our city holds “Mt. Yudal Flower Festival” to deliver the message of spring in our wishful hearts for the collaboration and prosperity of...
2014.03.01 ~2014.04.30
Hwagae Gorosoi Springs Ritual
Gorosoi Springs of Hadong is the best quality spring water in Korea. They are produced in 700~1000m-high highlands of Jiri Mountains with the moisture obtained from the rocks and distinguished taste and efficacy from warn climate and abund...
2014.03.06 ~2014.03.06
3.1 Commemorating Festival
To commemorate the aim of 3.1 Independence Movement at Yeongae Marketplace, Ilwon on Mar 9. 1919 for the first time in Gyeongnam, we erected a memorial tower to succeed the independent mind with various events.
2014.03.01 ~2014.03.01
Daejeo Tomato Festival
We open Daejeo Tomato Festival every March to contribute to the increase of agricultural profits by widely introducing the tomatoes produced in the fertile soils of Nakdong River. The events include Tomato Appraisal Show, Tomato Containing...
2014.03.27 ~2014.03.28
17-mile International Walkathon
Officiated by IVV and KML, the contestants are encouraged with Certificate of Completion and Medal of Completion.
2014.03.27 ~2014.03.28
Garak Cultural Assets
To restore, succeed and develop Gaya culture as the place where the splendid culture and traditions of our ancestors breathe and to admire the energies of Gaya people, Gimhae holds King Suro’s Chunhyang Great Festival (Lunar March 15) every...
2014.03.14 ~2014.03.17
Ocheon River Culture Festival
Ocheon River Culture Festivalis opened every year is centered by the citizens who cultivate their lives along the river aiming for the restoration of Ocheon River, coexistence of nature and men, celebration of green dreams and sharing of ha...
2014.03.29 ~2014.03.30
Buraemi Homecoming Day
It is a homecoming festival to the warmth of Buraemi Village. The members of Hometown Union and former Buraemi villagers can visit the hometown and the tourists can come to participate and to make Buraemi a second hometown.
2014.03.01 ~2014.03.30
Camellia/ octopus ocellatus feast
Camellia/ octopus ocellatus feast is held every year at Marayng-ri, Seo-myeon, Seocheon-gun. At this time the feast was held in the Marayng-ri camellia woods (Natural monument 169) ,well known thing of Seocheon-gun. Scarlet colored camell...
2014.03.30 ~2014.04.12
Plant festival
The purpose of the feast is to seek a new method to specialize fruit tree plants, activate a plan for symbolizing the local area, advertise the Iwon fruit tree plant, cultivate high-quality fruit trees cooperatively, and increase income.
2014.03.01 ~2014.03.31
Maehwa Festival
In every spring, the Maehwa Festival fills the air with the sweet smell of plum blossoms.
2014.03.01 ~2014.03.31
Mt. Baekun Yaksuje
It includes a variety of events such as the ceremony, memorial services, Yaksu-tasting party and Korean folk music performances together with a specialty market fair.
Gwangju Biennale
As a Home of Arts, Gwangju has been more interested in the traditional and conservative arts than the international modern art activities until now.
2014.03.29 ~2014.06.29
Strawberry Festival
The Strawberry Festival offers a forum in which the residents of the county can meet and socialize.
2014.03.01 ~2014.03.31
Dalgi medicinal water, Yeongcheon Festival
Yeongcheongye came into being in 1962 as a group of residents in Cheongsong-eup who wanted to preserve the heritage of their community.
2014.03.01 ~2014.03.31
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