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Garlic Harvest Festival
Every year, Byuljubu Village cultivated and harvests over 57 tons of garlic, and Woncheong-li garlic field holds a garlic harvest festival every June.
2014.06.01 ~2014.06.30
Stone Tower Festival
Stone Tower Festival ◎ Location ▪ Seorim-ri Resort at Seo-myeon Yangyang-gun
2014.06.01 ~2014.08.31
Jangddeul Garden Song Festival
Jangddeul Garden Song Festival revives the traditional farmers’ songs and Jangddeul Dure of Jeungpyeong. As this tradition won the grand prize at the 10th Chungbuk Folk Art Competition in 2003, Dundeok Village has held this festival since ...
2014.06.01 ~2014.06.30
Good Catch Ritual
Chujado Island’s Good Catch Ritual is held every June of the lunar calendar to pray for the safety and good catch of the fishers and to console the souls of the precious lives that have been lost in unfortunate incidents.
2014.06.01 ~2014.06.30
There are two types of fireflies: Luciola lateraiis Motschulsky and Lychnur is rufa Olivier. The former lives in clean waters, feeds on melanian snails, and both male and female have wings.
Six-clove Garlic Festival
Taean Six-clove Garlic Festival introduces the superiority of Taean’s healthy organic six-clove garlic that grows with our fertile yellow earth and fresh sea breeze. Six-clove garlic is sold in front of Taean-gun Office at a low price and ...
2014.06.01 ~2014.06.30
Tomato Festival
Tomato Festival began in 2005. During this festival, Hakvillage’s tomatoes are sold to consumers at low prices and noodles, spaghetti, jam, juice, bread, and sandwich made with tomatoes are offered for free tasting.
Jangddeuldure Game
'Jangddeuldure Game' is a traditional game through which Korean ancestors converted crisis into collaboration, fought hunger with benevolence, and encouraged each other with music and dances.
2014.06.01 ~2014.06.30
Joryeong Experience Festival
About 896 charged visitors and 810 uncharged visitors visited the 1st Mt. Joryeong Experience Festival, which profited up to KR \2,350,000. Many parents brought their children to the event. The tickets were sold for each event booth or ...
2014.06.10 ~2014.08.20
The Estuary Festival
The Estuary Festival is held on Jebudo Island, sea of Hwaseong-si, Gungpyeong-ri, and in Jeongok-ri each year in turn.
2014.06.03 ~2014.06.05
Bomok 1st Class Pearl-spot Chromis Festival
It is a fishery festival of fishermen, local residents and visitors based on pearl-spot chromis.
2014.06.11 ~2014.06.13
Duck-release Launching
It is the time when Buraemi Village releases the ducks for the Ori Rice farm to cultivate the farms with them. Along with Duck-release Launching to produce pollution-free Ori Rice at the pure and fertile soils of Buraemi Village, you can r...
Yellow Soil Festival
The mystery of yellow soil that begins with human history and the energy of life contained in the beauty of yellow soil that just start to stretch themselves together with the future of the Yongji people.
2014.06.01 ~2014.06.30
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