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Chamdarae_Danhangpo festival for the sweeping victory
This festival has been opened in memory of the burning patriotism of Cungmugong Lee, who saved Korea hanged in a thread, and the fighting spirit of unknown navies,
2014.07.30 ~2014.08.07
Western sea fish trap culture festival
The first Western Sea Fish Trap Culture Festival was held at Norumi Beach of Byuljubu Village, in order to protect and pass down our traditional, fish trap culture. It is a festival with many things to see and experience such as fish catchi...
2014.07.01 ~2014.08.31
Gungnamji Lotus Festival
Gungnamji (Historical Relic No. 135) is Korea’s first artificial pond located in the southern attached house of a royal palace which King Mu of Baekje made for Princess Seonhwa. Based on the record of 『Samguksagi』, it is called Gungnamji. ...
2014.07.01 ~2014.07.31
Okcheon Cultural Festival and Small Music Concert
Purposed to commemorate Poet Jung, Jiyong, the pioneer of Korea’s modern poetry and who used his extraordinary linguistic senses to express Korea’s emotions, and to succeed and develop Jiyong’s poetic spirits Small Music Concert for All, ...
2014.07.01 ~2014.09.30
Hadomun Village Pork Belly Festival
In summer, Hadomun Village’s vegetable wraps freshly grow. Hadomun Village holds Hadomun Village Pork Belly Festival when its vegetable wraps emit its green colors.
Danyang Six-clove Garlic Festival
This festival is to introduce our specialty – garlic. It is a good chance to purchase good-quality six-clove garlic from Danyang that is good for carcinostatic effect and has outstanding storability and unique flavors.
2014.07.01 ~2014.07.30
Jochiwon Peach Festival
Peach Festival for Yeongi’s leading specialty was first held in 2003. Along with the ritual wishing for a good harvest of peaches, we provide various programs to greet many tourists.
2014.07.01 ~2014.07.31
To the Sea, To the World
“To the Sea, To the World” is the largest marine festival of Korea in which you can enjoy the heavenly tourists’ resources of Geoje’s seas full of summer romance and the cultural art performances. They hold various cultural events such as ...
2014.07.15 ~2014.07.31
Je-Ju Leisure / Sports Festival
Fantastic Je-Ju ocean. Open field, Orum, Je-Ju's unique leisure, fragrant of sports beautifully dye sea and mountains. Leisure and Sports Grand Festival starts with a huge concert, and on board concert. Yacht racing, wind surfing, skin s...
2014.07.01 ~2014.07.31
Mid Night Beach Festival
Salty sea scent, Sea birds flapping.
2014.07.01 ~2014.08.30
Wild flower feast in spring, autumn
Event of distributing flower seed: 2,00o types of flowers such as cockscomb, rose moss, touch-me-not are distributed to 500 people who come first everyday.
2014.07.01 ~2014.07.31
Peach festival
This is held in order to advertise the superiority of Jeonju pears succeeding Jeonju peaches which are the famous products of Jeonju and the improved the quality of Jeonju pears.
2014.07.26 ~2014.07.27
Sasung Maeng tribute event
Sasung Maeng was a well-known State minister in late Koryo and early Chosun.
Daeso Watermelon Festival
The festival started in 1995 to promote the quality of Daeso watermelon nationwide and to encourage provincial reconciliation and unity.
2014.07.01 ~2014.07.31
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