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Chamdarae_Domestic Marathon competition in memory of Bong Ju Lee
This competition has been held every year in memory of Bong Ju Lee, one of worldwide famous Korean marathoner, in the same course through which Bong Ju Lee had trained to achieve his dream for laurel wreath . As Goseong has very good condi...
2014.01.30 ~2014.02.07
Cockle Festival
Cockles can be harvested from November to early March, but the right season is between January to February. To widely advertize the taste and fragrance of cockles, which are the winter delicacy of Namdang Port Chensu Bay,
2014.01.20 ~2014.02.20
Dopo Festival Rope-Pulling
It is a traditional folk event that used to be performed in Youngam-gun Dopo Village, and it originated from geomantic theories East Dopo and West Dopo divide into teams and perform Teonurugi rope-pulling
2014.01.05 ~2014.07.07
Byuljubu Dragon King Ceremony
Every January in lunar calendar, Byuljubu Village holds the Dragon King Ceremony to pray for health and a Pungmulnori ground.
2014.01.15 ~2014.01.15
Daeboreum Festival
A good opportunity to safeguard, succeed, and develop traditional culture and enjoy experiencing Korean traditional customs:
2014.01.15 ~2014.01.15
Samgut Festival
Samgut is the traditional way of steaming hemp to make linen. Visitors and tourists can experience Samgut at Ujeonri Village. You can also taste food cooked in this special way of steaming. In addition to steamed Samgut dishes, visitors ...
2014.01.01 ~2014.01.01
Daedong Assembly
Sahyun Grape Village holds Daedong Assembly every January. At Daedong Assembly, every resident gather to vote for the village leaders and listen to the previous years settlements. Then, they discuss and determine the New Years budgets, ...
2014.01.15 ~2014.01.15
January Full Moon Festival
On January 15, everyone in the village gather to wait for the full moon. The Youth Associations Daljip is placed in the center and people sit around it to talk and eat the food prepared by the Womens Association. In the meantime, they a...
2014.01.15 ~2014.01.15
Mt. Seongheung Sun Greeting Festival
Mt. Seongheung Sun Greeting Festival, which is held every January 1 by sunrise, is celebrating its 7th anniversary this year. It is held to promote health and collaborating by greeting the first sunrise of the New Year together at Seungheu...
2014.01.01 ~2014.01.01
Korea Folk Arts Festival
This folk arts festival is held in order to excavate our traditional folk arts and to preserve and succeed them and to raise people's pride about our traditional culture and to widen the range of understanding, which aims enlarging the chan...
Baekjae Cultural Festival
Buyeo was the third capital of Baekjae Kingdom after Wiryeseong(Seoul) and Ungjin(Gongju). In 538A.D. (King Seong 16 years), the capital was moved from Ungin to this place and until it was fallen by allied forces of Shilla and Tang in 660...
Sedo Janggunje - Party after Ceremony
This is a party to enjoy that every house gets undefiled and every mind is purified after sending Janggun and to eat prepared drinks and food together and to be harmonized in unity, they are delightful to be one in community spirit and the ...
Sedo Janggunje - Sending Janggun(general)
All the participants carry Janggun on his back on a stretcher and march for Janggun puddle in front of the village. Band beats short beats merrily and all the village people who follow singing Janggun song see off Janggun with dancing.
Sedo Janggunje - Misfortune Chasing Ritual
Janggun Papa carries the Janggun on his back and all the participants follow him and gather the evil spirits from every house.
Sedo Janggun Festival
They build Janggun tent in an empty site of the village and when the host and Janggun are arranged led by the service items prepared in the host's house, the village people get together and start the ritual.
Sedo Janggunje
Janggunje handed down in the whole area of Gahwa 1-ri, Sedo-myeon, Buyeo-gun is a unique folk festival to pray the health of village people and good harvest. Gahwa1-ri where Janggunje is inherited is called Honggagol, which is a relative...
Pungeoje (A good haul festival)
Dangsanje will be revived to reborn as Pungeoje starting in 2006, which wishes a good haul for the year and enshrines a god from Dangsan and sends the wish to the sea.
2014.01.15 ~2014.01.15
Jeongdong Umulje (Ritual to the Well)
It is Yeongams traditional custom that originated from a folk religion that prayed for the prevention of disasters and good harvest and good catch at the great well on the first full moon of the year in the lunar calendar. Saemgut and Dan...
2014.01.01 ~2014.01.01
Namhaeshindang Festival
A national ritual site where rituals for national prosperity and good harvest were performed in service of Namhae god from the Goryo Dynasty until the fall of the Joseon Dynasty
2014.01.01 ~2014.01.01
Folk Festival of New Full Moon
Hadomun Village opens Folk Festival of New Full Moon around the 15th of Lunar January. The folk customs of the 15th of Lunar January originated from the ancient society that was centered on agriculture.
Jeongwol Daeboreum Fire Festival
The Jeongwol Daeboreum Fire Festival is a festival modernly reproducing the Fire Setting, ancient stock-farming culture of Jeju, which was held to destroy old grasses for animal-grazing and kill the harmful insects.
2014.01.09 ~2014.01.10
Festival of Native Cultures
Description (year of origination, participants) A ritual performed at Gitdaebong of Mt. Seungdal with the sound of drums by the first sunrise of the year (99, 150)
2014.01.01 ~2014.01.01
Mokpo Seafood Festival
Mokpo, the village of "beauty and taste!!" We invite you to Mokpo Seafood Festival where you can experience the true taste of Mokpo. Fresh and flavorful seafood!! We have a seafood festival that is filled with cheap and delicious seafood...
2014.01.01 ~2014.12.30
Changnyeong-gun on the 15th of January
Pampas grass Burning Festival is held in Mt. Hawang located in Changnyeong-gun on the 15th of January. The festival which was initiated in 1995 in reference to a local legend saying for the following year to be a year of abundance and peac...
2014.01.01 ~2014.01.15
Soan Anti-Japan Cultural Festival
This festival was organized to celebrate the establishment of a private school in Soan-do and to succeed and develop the patriotic and nationalistic spirits of our ancestors. The private school was established in 1923 to eliminate illitera...
2014.01.01 ~2014.01.01
Gaemaegi (Standing Net) Festival
Comes from Gaemagi. It comes from a North Korean term describing a standing net that is installed across a wetland to trap the fish that are flown in with the high tide. Gaemaegi is a set net in shallow waters which is a type of static fi...
2014.01.01 ~2014.01.01
Winter Sea Penguin Swimming Competition
inter Sea Penguin Swimming Competition that helps you to clear up the old thoughts and plan a wishful new year for the beautiful future
2014.01.01 ~2014.01.15
nari village
Every lunar Jan 15th, our ancestors prayed for wishes and good harvest upon the full moon. Nari Village opens Lunar Jan 15th Festival to pray for rich production and peace of the village.
2014.01.15 ~2014.01.15
Field Fire Festival of Lunar Jan 15.
Origin of Field Fire Festival/ Field Fire Festival of Lunar Jan 15 is a modernized form of Jejus traditional custom. To get rid of old grass and to kill the harmful insects for the livestock culturing, villages of Jeju Islands burned thei...
2014.01.30 ~2014.01.31
2014.01.15 ~2014.01.15
Sun Greeting Festival
The beautiful and friendly festivals of humble villagers, including Sun Greeting Festival, Lunar Jan 15th Festival and Townspeoples Day Festival, are held in Okjeongho Village. Our villagers gather for the festival to cooperate and collab...
2014.01.01 ~2014.01.01
Maeheon Cultural Festival
Every Apr 29, Maeheon Cultural Festival is held to commemorate the heroic achievements of Patriot Bong-Gil Yun (Pen name: Maeheon). It is sponsored by Woljin Association organized by Patriot Yun, managed by governmental groups of Yesan and...
2014.01.01 ~2014.12.30
Yedang Fishing Competition
Yedang Fishing Competition held by the governor of Yesan and sponsored by Yesan and Daejeong Maeil Newspapers is opened at Yedang Reservoir, Koreas best freshwater fishing place with heavenly natural environment, to expand fishing and to v...
2014.01.01 ~2014.12.30
Yesan Apple Festival
In order to introduce Koreas tastiest Yesan Apples and to develop the culture and arts of Yesan, 1st Yesan Apple Festival was opened in 1983 and has been opened alternatively with Townspeoples Athletic Competition from 1992. 9th Yesan Ap...
2014.01.01 ~2014.12.30
Welcoming new Sun festival in Samchok
iIn every the first of January, Samchok helds welcoming new Sun festival in Jungra sea road, Samchok Culture & art Center, Samchok beach. This festival is for wishing new year seeing the first Sun of that year and every year, visitors get i...
2014.01.01 ~2014.01.01
Maryangpo sunrise feast
You can also appreciate sunrise at Maryang-ri just like that at Jeongdong-jin of the East Sea. Sunrise of the West sea is resulted from the revolution and rotation of the earth. The sun rises from the southeast of Maryang-ri for 60 days aro...
2014.01.11 ~2014.02.15
Daeborum Folk Festival
Every year in the time of 15th of January, NAGAN folk village holds the folk contest with a ceremony of general IM GYONG UP and various folk plays in order to explore and represent the traditional folk plays.
Feast of January 15th
In these day, dwellers pray their health and well-being toward the oldest and biggest Dunggu tree on the 15th of the first month.
As the meaning of pray a good harvest and drive a disaster away, people believe that a win of woman in a tug of war between men and women brings a good harvest.
Daegokri Jangsung feast
Only on January in a leap year, Jangsung feast is held to pray prosperity of the village.
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