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5-story stupa in Jeongrimsa site
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This is a stupa in Jeongrimsa site of Buyeo, which has the shape that 5-story body stands on the narrow and low 1 stylobate. So Jeong Bang, general of Tang who conquered Baekjae with allied forces with Shilla engraved the phrase of "memorial to conquer Baekjae" on it, thus it had been humiliated wrongly called "Pyeongjetop" at one time.


On the stylobate, pillar stones are inserted in the middle of each side and corner, each body stone of the stupa body has a pillar at every corner, which applies entasis technique of wooden structure that top and bottom are narrow and the middle is bulged.


A thin and wide roof stone is lifted tenderly at 4 corners, which shows elegant figure.

Narrow and thin 1-story stylobate and expression of roof of entasis technique and the shape of the thin and wide roof stone follow the style of wooden structure honestly, however it shows refined and creative formation not a simple imitation and whose entire shape is majestic and beautiful.

It is evaluated as a precious relic in that point that it is a stupa of Baekjae only 2 have remained with the stupa in Iksan Maitreya temple site (national treasure No. 11), and it is a beautiful work to have high class through refined and fine formative beauty

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5-story stupa in Jeongrimsa site
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