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This is an incense burner of Baekjae founded with about 450 relics in a hole in the west part of a temple site between Baekjae Naseong and Neungsanri old tombs group.

It is a great incense burner of 64-centimer-tall and 11.8-kilogram-heavy, which is largely divided into a body and a lid, and divided into 4 parts when the phoenix attached to the top and the stand are included.

In the lid, 23 mountains are folded and folded  in 45 layers and 5 musicians who play the flute, small bipa, geomungo and drums and 16 persons' figures of various warriors, the figure of horse riding and hunting etc. and imaginary winged animals including phoenix and dragon, and 39 realistic animals such as tigers and deer etc. are expressed in the incense burner.  

Besides, 6 trees, 12 rocks, mountain paths in the side of the mountain, brook water flowing through the mountains, waterfalls and lakes are expressed kaleidoscopically. On the top of the lid, a separately attached phoenix conceals cint mani with a neck and a beak spreading wings powerfully, the tenderness of a long upward tail is said as the characteristic of Baekjae style.

In the front chest of phoenix and in front of and behind the musicians' figures, 5 holes are pierced so that the incense can go up naturally from the body.

The body suggests full-blown lotus. On the surface of lotus leaves, 26 animals including phoenix, fish, deer and cranes are arranged. The stand is a dragon supporting it with the head up like rising into the sky with biting the bottom of lotus of the body.

This incense burner seems to have been affected by Baksan incense burner in vogue in Han Dynasty in China, however the mountains are expressed independently, sterically and realistically unlike those of China. Its creativity and formation are excellent, and it shows the complexity of religions and ideologies where Buddhism and Taoism are mixed, which is a precious work to make us comprehend the crafts, art culture, and even religions, ideologies and manufacturing technology of Baekjae period.

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