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Buyeo Sedo General Village
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Gahwa-ri located in southeast of Buyeo-gun with facing Ganggyeong-eup of Nonsan-si and lksan-si of Jeollabuk-do divided from Geumgang Riv. is Sedo General Village.

In our village, there used to be a big street and in the east, there used to be a big ferry called Banjowon connecting Seokseong and Imcheon, and in the south, there used to be Sedo ferry crossing the river, which occupied a key position in this region. And It has been called "Sedo (way of the world)"because people's steps have not been stopped at any moment, and it is the region where facilities vegetables farming has been developed from early days thanks to many sunshine days in the drainage basin of Geumgang(Riv.), fertile soil and affluent underground water.

Especially, our village is the bell tomatoes production complex, the bell tomatoes have been grown since 60s, now we secure the cultivation techniques and we produce 13% of whole country production and 80% of Chungcheongbuk-do, our bell tomatoes have good taste and high sugar content to please tasters. And we perform Janggunje(military style shamanistic performance) in every year as our own. Especially, the Janggunje of Gahwa-ri, Sedo-myeon participated in the 45th Korea Folk Arts Festival as the representative of Chungcheongnam-do, which awarded Golden prize through all village people's unity, thus the residents take pride in it.

As well, it is the place called Sabiseong, royal capital during the reigns of Baekjae 6 kings, which is the tourist attraction of the best historic remains in Korea with beautiful scenery and numerous cultural relics, where there are 5 national treasures including Baekjae gilt bronze great incense burner (national treasure No. 287), 5-story stupa in Jeongrimsa site and 162 designated cultural assets. It is a simple farm village where the village people live sincerely trying hard with inheriting the go-ahead attitude, diligence and faithfulness of traditional Baekjae people in the identity sharing the traditional culture in the seat of government of Baekjae.

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