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Okcheon Cultural Festival and Small Music Concert (1.15 ~ 2.16)

-Okcheon Cultural Festival  Jiyong Festival

Purposed to commemorate Poet Jung, Jiyong, the pioneer of Korea’s modern poetry and who used his extraordinary linguistic senses to express Korea’s emotions, and to succeed and develop Jiyong’s poetic spirits


  - Literature Event: Academic seminar, Jiyong Literature Camp, main events, writing competition,                                                                          

Jiyong Cultural Exhibitions, etc

  - Exhibitions and Performances: Drawings, photography, poetry and painting, crafts, water   

stones, youth festival, world music, reading poetry with music, traditional

music, exhibitions, and foods, folk games, etc  

- Other: Exposition of monument and statue, visit to Jung’s birth house, printmaking, text-messaging Jiyong’s poetry


-Annam Small Music Concert

   - Small Music Concert for All, an annual event of Okcheon Baebau Purity Village, is a site of collaboration for everyone who has good heart to serve the heaven and earth, to share their love with neighbors, and to gather their abundance of the autumn to pray for new life and endless prosperity.  The concert is held every early October and includes exhibitions and events, small music concert, singing competition, and games (moon-house burning).  We invite you to Baebau’s biggest pride, the Small Music Concert for All.


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